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Lipstick - Bobbi Brown - rose

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Very discrete colour, hardly discernible on my lips and therefore a bit boring. And I hate the smell of it - can't remember having a lipstick before that smells so much!

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Lipstick - CLINIQUE - Different Lipstick

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Paprika is probably the best shade I've ever had in a lipstick, and I can't find it anymore - did they stop making it?!

Not thrilled with the staying power, but like the feel, shine and colour.

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Lotions/ Creams - The Body Shop - Almond Oil Daily Hand & Nail Cream

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This must be one of the most disgusting-smelling hand creams on the market! One of my colleague applies it like five times a day, and I can smell the chemicals in the corridor before even entering the room. Haven't thought of a good way to ask her to change product. I will never ever use Body shop stuff after these horrid nasal experiences.

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Skincare - Body - Egyptian Magic - Healing Cream

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The natural equivalent to Arden's petroleum-based Eight Hour Cream. I'll stick to this in future, but I doubt it's all that magic. Good cream in a tacky cheap-looking jar. It wasn't all that expensive at iHerb, and if you use the code LEJ624 you'll get a 5-dollar discount!

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