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Fragrances - Unlisted Brand - Highland Lilac of Rochester

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I found out about this perfume about a year ago and it's fantastic! I grew up in upstate New York not very far from Rochester where they make it, there were lilac trees everywhere and the heavenly smell when they're in bloom is my favorite scent from childhood except maybe my mom baking brownies. It is really amazing how well this perfume captures the natural scent of lilacs! (the …Read more

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Fragrances - REVLON - Charlie Eau de Toilette

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The original Charlie was my very first experience with perfume. My mother wore it all the time when she was young and I always loved the way it smelled on her (Dad must have too since he gave her a bottle for Christmas every year). Mom traded up to Tocade and Chanel #5 when she was older so I always think of it as a scent for younger women even though it's considered an old-fashioned …Read more

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Fragrances - Thierry Mugler - Angel Eau de Parfum

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Wow, what to say about Angel? The EDP is practically radioactive coming out of the bottle and the top notes make me think of commercial bathroom cleaner + mutant cotton candy (and yes, it absolutely MUST be applied very sparingly). I'm glad I gave it a chance though cuz after 20 minutes or so it smells much less synthetic and overbearing, on me settling into a slow delicious unfolding of …Read more

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