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Foundations - Dior - Backstage Face and Body Foundation

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I hate that this doesent have a pump and that it is sooo incredibly fragranced but since I have started retinol prescription no foundation adheres to my face. I have 48 of them sitting in my make up drawer from drug store to high end in every finish. I was starting to get so depressed because nothing was working anymore and I was trying so much new ones with all kinds of primers and …Read more

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Treatments (Eye) - Deciem - Niod Fractionated Eye Concentrate

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I cannot live without this product! For all those that have negative experiences with it I just don’t understand how. I did have to stop using it to see how good it was and can now never be without it. It took care of the puffiness under my eyes somehow, my fine lines are gone and any wrinkles greatly diminished and no discolouration under my eyes anymore. How this serum does it still amazes …Read more

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Foundations - NARS Cosmetics - Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

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This is beautifully packaged yes but that’s expected from a $60 foundation. While it finishes beautifully it does not last, gets oily and transfers like crazy, my $12 Milani wears better than this. So sad, now sitting in my drawer wasting away.
Save your money ladies there are far more better foundations there at the same price range and better that perform far longer than this one. So so …
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