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Cleansers - Cetaphil - Gentle Skin Cleanser

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3 months ago

I bought a 125ml bottle of this cleanser to try out. I had seen many great reviews so I had high hopes. When I tried the cleanser for a couple of months my skin progressively got worse. Little bumps on my forehead started forming and my skin looked dry and worn out. There were many dry and irritated patches that just would not go away. At first I thought my moisturiser was the problem but I …Read more

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Skincare - Face - Dickinson's Brands - Dickinson's Witch Hazel

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4 months ago

So basically I bought this because it was so hyped up. It claimed to keep your skin clear but unfortunately it did the opposite for me. I have normal to dry skin and this completely striped all the natural oils from my skin, leading to these tiny irritation bumps. It took me months to fix my skin with so much moisturiser and hydration.
I always try to see the good in things, so I decided to …
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