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Fragrances - Mary Kay - Affection

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A bit pricier fragrance in the world of Mary Kay. Very lovely.
I'm bummed when I hear MK product put on par with something like Avon. They're not even in the same league IMO.
I'm normally not a big fan of "spicey" fragrances so I questioned whether I would like this or not. It is SO beautifully blended.
The other reviewer who said it reminded her of an …
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Fragrances - Mary Kay - Bella Belara

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Attractive bottle. As I keep my fragrances in my closet I really don't give a rip about packaging.
The fragrance itself is very beautiful. Young and fun without being kiddy. When first sprayed the fruit is dominant. It's a soft/creamy fuiit smell. (not edgy and harsh)
After dry down the clean edge of the fragrance comes out. I think it's cotton blossom?? Anyhow I think …
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Fragrances - Philosophy - Pure Grace Eau de Toilette

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This smells EXACTLY like Mary Kay sunscreen.
Not a bad smell per se...but certainly not something I would intentionally try to smell like.
I don't find it all that fresh. Rather "odd" scent. Very light and possibly nice for ladies that don't consider themselves the "fragrance type".
As for myself...I prefer something that actually leaves a likeable …
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Fragrances - Tova - Nirvana

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Holy Disgustus!!!
This fragrance belongs in a Calcutta sewer.
A heavy obnoxious blend of pepper/incense funk.
Shame on you, Tova!! This reeks!

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