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Lip Gloss - LANEIGE - Ideal Jelly Gloss

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This review is for the Ideal WATER Gloss in 300-Pink!

I like the idea of water gloss, but I usually prefer baby pink colors. This looks like a bright pink, but is actually pretty sheer. It's a sponge top applicator and a little messy to put on because it's kind of like a watery gel...
Once it's on, you have to spread it around with a finger or another brush …
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Treatments (Face) - LANEIGE - Laneige Strawberry Soft Peeling Gel

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I've been wanting this for a while. I've tried the SkinFood one (excellent although I don't love the smell) and the MIssha one (a little harsh), and I love the scent, the package, and the effect. I got mine for $20 shipped and it's a pretty big tube. It's not too harsh for sensitive skin, and after I use it my face feels silky.

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Treatments (Face) - MISSHA - Super Aqua Detoxifying Peeling Gel

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This is my first gel peel, so I can't compare it to others, but I was shocked by how well it worked. After rubbing it into my skin, dead skin actually peeled right off. The scent is neutral, and the texture is smooth even as it's being rubbed on. I would caution others with sensitive skin to be careful, as I was so excited it was working that I ended up with a slightly raw left …Read more

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