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Moisturizers - Pond's - Clarant B3 Normal to Oily Skin

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This product is great! I am out in the sun a lot and despite having an olive skin tone and tanning quite easily, I started getting dark spots (melasma) on my nose, my cheeks, and above my top lip. It was getting more noticeable and I knew I had to do something. I also have very sensitive, oily skin so I wanted to be careful with what I tried. Ponds has been amazing. I've been using this …Read more

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Styling Products - Johnson & Johnson - No More Tangles - Spray Detangler

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I have very fine, straight hair... But I have a LOT of it. I can't use a heavy conditioner in the shower or some of the more popular leave-in conditioners or by mid day my hair is flat and greasy. I've tried several other spray "detanglers" and they've all left my hair feeling like straw or very sticky (and didn't usually help with the knots I encounter!) On a whim …Read more

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