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Styling Products - Living Proof - Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

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I was apprehensive about getting into this brand because of the cost, so I got a coupon from Ulta and made the leap. I am so glad I did. This is by far my favorite! It has done wondering for my hair. It really makes all the difference. After I showered I apply to my damp hair. Focusing on my scalp and then ends working it through with a brush after. I then blow dry my hair and BAM beautiful …Read more

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Body Scrubs - Neutrogena - Body Clear Body Scrub

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I dealing with adult acne for which before 6 months ago I had maybe 2 pimples a year. I've tried many things!! Sadly nothing has worked. I bought this for my husband and he hated it. So I gave it a shot. I use it on my face, chest, shoulders and back only. Loofa when applying it to my body and hands on my face. I can honestly say it made me cry the improvements I have had. I paid 5.99 at …Read more

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Liquid - Maybelline New York - Dream Liquid Mousse

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To start off I have never worn/purchased foundation before. I read a lot of reviews and tried my best to find what I thought would work. I bought it at Walgreens for 11.99 which to me was pricey but I read a review that stated it gave a airbrush look. Which I loved. I bought it and a cover girl foundation. Tired the cover girl whipped creme and hated it. It did nothing. I have fair skin and acne …Read more

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