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Fragrances - CHANEL - No. 22

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A gem of a perfume, the most exquisite, delicate, and feminine fragrance I've ever worn.
I was in Paris at the Galeries Lafayette a year ago with the purpose of buying Sycomore, BUT I happened to smell N°22 and things took a different course: I had to have it !
I love it because it reminds me of Chanel 5 with something smoother and more refined about it.
So I bought the 75ml …
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Fragrances - Frederic Malle - Le Parfum de Therese

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To me, Le Parfum de Therese smells like bubble gum, plum bubble gum if such a thing exists. Very little evolution, not much complexity, poor longevity, and very expensive of course; I don't hate this fragrance, mind you, but I would never buy it. That some people are willing to shell out so much money to get it really intrigues me. However, if I get a chance, I'll test it again just to …Read more

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Fragrances - GUERLAIN - Jicky

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This is for Jicky edp. I knew Jicky in edt and liked it though the staying power is very weak, so I thought the edp would be better... Well, no, or maybe a little better; I can barely smell it on my jacket after an hour. I must add here that I spray like 10 times ! At that rate my 50 ml bottle will be gone in no time. I'm quite disappointed because I love this very aromatic smell of dirty …Read more

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Fragrances - CHANEL - Bois des Iles

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Very much disappointed: this is the Holy Grail so many people rave about ??! It's nice but by no means a head-turner, IMO. I agree with the previous review as regards the sandalwood smelling thin and synthetic. This fragrance barely lasts on clothes, and vanishes very quickly on skin. It feels diluted, VERY diluted. Well, I'm aware that my review is rather negative; let me think of …Read more

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Fragrances - CHANEL - Sycomore

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I bought Bois des Iles and got a sample of Sycomore which I didn't like that much at first... It actually grew on me and I ended up loving it. It has this strange smell of something akin to sweat, weird but great. On my wish list.

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