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Fragrances - Bath & Body Works - Cashmere Glow

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This thing smells so bad and so cheap! I hate it! I never liked B&BW perfumes but this one is TERRIBLE!!!! And how does cashmere have a scent. Cashmere is what fast scarfs and shirts are made of. They probably just thought "hey, let's mix some chemicals together and give it a stupid name! Bamm! Money maker!" Seriously? I can't believe people actually bought this crap!

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Accessories - Unlisted Brand - UGG Boots, Slippers and Shoes

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I love uggs!!!! They are so fuzzy and I wear them everyday! Although they are a little pricey, I can understand why. I really recommend anyone who doesn't have uggs to get them. I'm sure you would love them. The fur does make me itch a little of I don't wear it with long songs or long pants. But other than that they are pretty great!😄

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