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Fragrances - Gucci - Eau de Parfum II

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I got this perfume as birthday gift from bf. It came in a big pink box with the body lotion and body wash.. OOOhhhh.. I soooo love this perfume. The bottle is quite heavy though.The smells get better after long period of wear and you need not re-spray. I'm going to buy it again, deifnitely

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Gels/ Soaps - Molton Brown - Recharge Black Pepper Body Wash

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I got a sample of this product for my bf when I went to the shop to purchase Heavenly Gingerlily set. I immediately fell in love with the scent when the sales assistant let me take a **sniff **sniff of the product.

I got home and asked my bf to try using it when he takes a bath. The moment he opened the bathroom door, I was distracted by the smell. And he suddenly looked sexy and …
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