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Fragrances - Yves Saint Laurent - Black Opium Eau de Parfum

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4 months ago

I took a chance on this product and I have to say that I love it! Now I have to throw this mj Daisy dream is my second favorite perfume of all time now these two are very different.. Daisy dream is more floral and Black opium is very murky, night time/fall time scent but I honestly would wear it year round because I love it that much!!!!!!!

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Mascara - COVERGIRL - Lash Blast Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara

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I wore this to a wedding and took a nap in the car on the way to the where the it was being held because it was so to be waterproof I was thinking that it was not going to have problems! We got to the wedding venue and I lift my head up off the pillow and I looked into a rear view mirror and I had black eyes! No a good one to try in my opinion

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