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Hair - Sexy Hair - Curly Sexy Hair Shampoo

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Love this stuff. Results in nice soft loose curls that are defined and bouncy. Smells great. My little son loves it too - he calls "his shampoo."
Worked very well for my wavy frizzy prone hair from dsoarhair,com.
I buy it when I can find it.

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Shampoo - Joico - K-PAK Shampoo for Dry or Damaged Hair

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I really like this, my hair(form is oily at the roots and dry at first, but is generally pretty healthy. The problem I've had in the past with other shampoos is build up and getting really oily really fast and not feeling like my hair is clean at all. This cleans my hair without making it feel stripped. Sometimes I get dandruff on my hairline even if my hair is dirty/oily …Read more

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