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Treatments (Face) - evanhealy - Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum - Rose

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Bought the trial size with serum, face wash, rose mist spray, and clay mask from Whole Foods. My entire face immediately broke out and turned red. I've never had a problem with any other products like this. Needed a facial desperately to try to repair the horrible redness and huge pimples. Ugh. Wish I could return it but I threw away the receipt.

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Skincare - Face - LANEIGE - Water Bank Essence

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I LOVE Laniege skin care. It is the lower priced version of high cost Pacific Amore which is sold at Neiman Marcus. My skin is so hydrated and clean. I cannot recommend this enough. I stopped buying the ridiculously priced skin care from Neiman Marcus - Chantecaille, La Mer, Pacific Amore, 37 Active, etc. Just get some retinol from a dermatologist, use high quality vitamin C serum from …Read more

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Treatments (Eye) - Trish McEvoy - Beauty Booster Advanced Repair Eye Duo

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Splurged $165 duo at Neiman Marcus and it is worth every penny. The two will last most of a year at the advised rate of usage.

ONE single drop of the Booster; Eye Serum, a concentrated eye treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. This is full of vitamins and peptides, hyaluronic acid vitamins and antioxidants. Sinks in very quickly and use it all …
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Masks - LANEIGE - Water Sleeping Pack_EX

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I love this product. I've bought every expensive line there is at Neiman Marcus and hands down, this line - a lower price of very expensive Amore Pacific - works wonders on my skin. I use the serum, moisturize and this water mask. I leave the water mask on all night every night. Spend your money on a good vitamin C serum, occasional retinol (I'm using SkinCeuticals serums as I get my …Read more

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Toners - CHANTECAILLE - Pure Rosewater Toner

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I love this refreshing spray. It has a very strong rose essence but I find that very calming. I have seborrhea dermatitis, and between the Rosewater toner and Jasmine and Lily healing mask, the redness quickly dissipates and stays away. I just recently discovered this line after years of La Mer, which is a lovely heavy moisturizer but didn't resolve the redness problem. Chantecaille is my …Read more

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