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Gels/ Soaps - Dove - Beauty Bar - White

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1 month ago

It is a really good product for female personal care, it does not irritate the skin. I found that other soaps were too drying. I also use it as a face cleanser. If I do have an issue, I wish it was larger because it easily falls out of your hands in the shower.

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Shampoo - Garnier - Daily Care 2 in 1

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The best thing about this product is it rinses out easily. However, it does not moisturise very well. The silly little lid annoys me. I wish they would put a normal size one on. It is usually cheapish at the supermarket. It is OK for holidays and I would think on young heads.

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Other - Colgate - Optic White

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Well I have got old teeth so I do not expect miracles, but it takes stains off and after using it I at least think I can face the world without thinking should I smile. It is strong and if you have sensitive gums or anything like that it may not be for you. I noticed how strong it was at first than I got used to it. My teeth do look whiter and better for using it, but it has to be twice daily …Read more

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