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Toners - Unlisted Brand - Rosewater

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Wow this is such a lovely product. Fantastic for toning/ refreshing your skin, setting makeup, spritzing legs after shaving and sprayed through your hair simply to enjoy the soft rose scent. I like to depot some into a small spray bottle to carry in my bag for use throughout the day. My only gripe is it cost me over $16.00 at Whole Foods because Whole Foods are rip-off baztards.

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Lipstick - e.l.f. Cosmetics - Studio Matte Lip Color - Rich Red

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Finally a neutral although pinky red I can wear and not keep wondering 'does this color suit me'. This is the most flattering red I have found in a 5 dollar tube. More comfortable, long wearing and beautiful than any of my Chanel, MAC or Smashbox....ok maybe Smashbox is up there but on this ppp Rich Red comes out on top????

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Fragrances - Kiehl's - Original Musk EDT

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My husband, who knows as much about fragrance as I do about how to split an atom keeps harping about this Musk. Out of the blue, suddenly, he's an expert on this scent. I can only assume either he's found his feminine side, thinks it was developed by Elon Musk or his newest whore wears it. My money is on the whore. He wants to buy me a bottle. I like it but do I want to smell like the …Read more

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BB Cream - MAC Cosmetics - Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 35

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Foundations just don't wow me anymore. They take too much time to apply, rarely ever look natural in sunlight and I finally realized my skin is good enough without all the cover. This BB cream goes on like a dream, evens my skin while still looking like skin and looks great all day. I love that I don't look heavily made up any longer. Pretty darn happy with this.

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