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Liquid - Estée Lauder - Double Wear [old formula - REFORMULATED]

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Way too much money for what it is.

Yes, it controlled my oil, but to the point that it dried my face out and made me look rough, old and haggard.

People at work actually came up to me b/c I looked ''sick.'' My friend said, ''What's wrong? You look SALLOW!!!!"

OMG, it was this …
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Foundations - Tarte Cosmetics - Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full-Coverage Foundation SPF 15

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Now, let me be more specific.

How can I accurately describe this foundation?

Let me put it this way. First, think of funeral parlor makeup. Okay, THIS IS WORSE.

It's thick and pasty, wears off unevenly and it will clog your pores. At least, this is how it was for me.

I actually looked ROUGH by the end of the day, because of …
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Blush - Estée Lauder - Pure Color Blush - Peach Passion

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This is the perfect peachy-pink color and it looks so natural. I swear, I look at least 5 years younger when I wear this!

I love that the color is somewhat sheer, so it looks my real color, not like I'm wearing makeup. This formula is very finely milled and smooth. Feels like a dream when applying and I love the contour brush that comes with …
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Loose Powders - CLINIQUE - Blended Face Powder and Brush

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In general, Clinique's blended face powder is a very good product at a reasonable price point.


Be warned about Invisble #20. ICK! Made my face look grey, dull and ashen. Seriously, I had a glow after putting on my foundation, then put on the Invisible blend and looked like I had a face a dried dead skin.

Also, the powder is NOT invisble, has a …
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Shampoo - Pureology - Hydrate Shampoo

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Not crazy about this shampoo.

The pros: Smells nice, only need a little bit

The cons: Feels silky soft and clean after washing, but about 6 hours after washing, my hair is like an oil slick. And I have DRY hair.

I guess the rest of you must have VERY dry hair, because it seems I am one of the only ones who can't hack this shampoo.

IMO, save …
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Lipstick - KORRES Natural Products - Mango Butter Lipstick in Natural Pink 13

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I usually like Korres products, especially their lip butter in a pot.


This lipstick was horrible. While I would not go quite as far as calling it drying, it did NOT moisturize my lips. While it applies somewhat creamily, it quickly mattifies and your lips feel tight.

And the smell. UGH! The Smell! It's horrible. It smells like a cheap drugstore …
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Styling Products - AVEDA - Phomollient

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Loved this for the first two weeks. My hair looked bouncier, fuller and shinier.

Then it must have built up, b/c my hair is verrrrry dry and lifeless now. Not to mention, this eventually gave me a rash around my hairline and made my head and neck itch.

I need to take a break from this product.

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Lipstick - CLINIQUE - Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm - Super Strawberry

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This was a real disappointment!

I usually love Clinique, but this particular product is horrible.

The lid is loose and comes off in my purse. I don't like the crayon feel b/c this product is WAY TOO BRIGHT to pencil in, so I prefer to use the side of the crayon so I can control the color better.

It's not moisturizing (in fact, it's borderline …
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Styling Products - SEBASTIAN - Shaper Fierce

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Don't let the name on the can fool you. This will NOT make your hair stiff, but rather voluminous, shiny yet flexible.

I love how the mist is fine, sprays evenly, the spray nozzle doesn't clog, and leaves my hair bouncy yet sparkly.

So many high alcohol content sprays dry my hair out and make it look dull, but this one …

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