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Mascara - Tarte Cosmetics - Opening Act Lash Primer

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I'm surprised by all these rave reviews! Sad to say, but I had a very bad experience with this lash primer. Background: I have super straight and stubby Asian lashes. The first time I used this product, I made sure to curl my lashes properly as to really test this product's impact. The moment I applied the primer, I watched as my lashes sadly flop down to their original position. I …Read more

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Hair - Clairol - herbal essences honey i'm strong shampoo and conditioner

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This shampoo is my HG!

I've had problems with many shmpoos leaving this gritty, sticky residue on my hair that won't comb well! My hair also collects a lot of lint and debris due to the residue left by other shampoos (ex: head and shoulders).

When I first tried this shampoo, my hair felt light and free! It was no longer weighted down and the lint that would …
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