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Makeup Brushes - Sephora Collection - Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush # 57

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Holy snap here it is. This is IT.

I never understood why concealer didn't 'work' for me until I got this brush. An ABSOLUTE game changer. I couldn't justify spending ~!24 on a single brush - surely that's only for professionals.

Nope. Nuh uh. This is the thing that will make wearing face makeup 'work' for you.

Also, love the …
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Moisturizers - Neutrogena - Hydro Boost Water Gel

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I used it once and my forehead became a brillo pad of clogged pores. I've never has such an immediate strong reaction that wasn't irritation - it's like they designed a product specifically to clog pores and make your skin look bumpier.

The smell is strong enough that my boyfriend thought I put on perfume before bed, I wouldn't say it's a bad smell, but …
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Polishes - wet n wild - MegaLast Nail Color - Haze Of Love

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I'm not normally one to write this, but this color is a little too 'old' for a twenty-something. Now, anyone can pull off anything if they set their mind to it, but I put this shade on and just said "blahs". It also chipped within minutes. Not a great color out of this fantastic line from WnW.

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