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Mascara - Charlotte Tilbury - Legendary Lashes Volume 2

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27 days ago

Overhyped product, does the same job as the volume million lashes from Loreal. Don't get me wrong it's good but if you are just looking for a good mascara just go with the drugstore version and spend the rest on charity.

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Eyes - Zoeva - Melody Eyeshadow Palette

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1 month ago

Looks like the palette is trending right now, I guess it is because people realize that Instagram makeup isn't wearable in real life. The Zoeva Melody palette is a summer palette but I don't care I think we can wear those colors when ever we feel the need of enhancing our natural beauty. It has 4 matte shades, 2 duochrome, 3 satin and 1 shimmer. Very pigmented and easy to blend …Read more

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Lip Liners - Charlotte Tilbury - Lip Cheat - Iconic Nude

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2 months ago

Looks like the people who received this product for free are already on Makeupalley. It's probably produced in the same factory as Rimmel and Nyx, for a few cents.. But who cares right as long as it has a cool name on it. 😔 the performance isn't any better than Rimmel or Nyx lol maybe in your mind. Just ridiculous what people are doing nowadays to receive some free crappy products.

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