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Fragrances - Thierry Mugler - Alien Eau de Parfum

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This is a beautiful one! It has a it of the unique quality of Angel but much more wearable and appealing for me.I have Angel, which I am Ok with, but I hardly wear it - so maybe I not that into it? Oh well, this for me is potent and feminine. A winner!

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Fragrances - Chloé - Lavande

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I bought Chloe Neroli ( another limtied edition fragrance) and got a sample of the Lavende. The next day I was back for the Lavende!! Enough said - elegant, contemporary and beautifully done!

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Fragrances - Balenciaga - Balenciaga Paris

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This fragrance is one of the most elegant that I own. It wafts about you in a sensous way and I feel amazing in it! It's perfect for the office because of the wafting quality but save it for that amazing date or other special event - it is worth it!!

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Fragrances - Unlisted Brand - Laura Biagiotti - Roma

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I just got my bottle of Roma which I have bought unsniffed, primarly because of the comments on MUA! I took my first spritz last night and the verdict is "unsure". More anon!

Update: this fragrance is NOT for me!! I reduced the rating. PLEASE let me know if anyone wants to swap. Please!

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