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Liquid - L'Oreal Paris - True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup

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I honestly can’t believe how incredible this drugstore foundation is! After years of using tinted moisturizers, I feel like now that I’m in my mid-30’s I really need a bit more coverage to hide some light age spots and even out my skin tone. The thing is, it’s such a fine line between the natural look I want and ending up with a crackly mask that looks really unflattering. Anything matte is just …Read more

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Polishes - Essie - Nail Polish - Ballet Slippers

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I'm no newbie to home manicures, but I just threw my bottle away last night after trying it out one last time and getting fed up. I kept thinking I could figure out how to get it to be non-streaky with practice; maybe painting really fast so it had no time to set using just three quick strokes, thick coats vs. thin coats, etc. Nope, this stuff just sucks. Every time I use it it's a …Read more

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Polishes - Essie - Nail Polish - Vanity Fairest

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Absolutely love this sheer pink polish. I'm a big Essie fan, but the truth is that when it comes to the sheer pinks and whites, it can really be hit or miss. Ballet Slippers is a perfect example of that- what a streaky disaster. Sorry, but any formula that requires 3 coats to be remotely even is just too high-maintenance for me. Yet I absolutely LOVE Mademoiselle, and this one is another win …Read more

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