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Lip Treatments - Carmex - Moisturizing Lip Balm

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I've always had lips that are prone to cracking and bleeding, especially in winter. Before carmex, I use vaseline which was greasy and didn't particularly help. However, carmex has a wonderful formula and is not greasy at all. It goes on well, and stays on for ages conditioning your lips. It also has a lovely smell. It is a reasonable price for such a high quality product and I …Read more

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Mascara - The Body Shop - Super Volume Mascara

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Was excited when I first got this product, but when I wore it, I noticed it didn't give me 'super volume' nor did it lengthen very well. It also tends to smude towards the end of the day. The formula is not very good, and I would not recommend buying it at all. It was a huge dissapointment.

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Eyeliner - RIMMEL - Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner

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This was the first liquid eyeliner I bought, and as a beginner, I was very impressed. It's easy to hold and you can create simple thin lines, to thick dramatic lines. The formula is very good consistency, and it lasts for ages. The bottle looks small, but you will be suprised at how long is lasts for. The only bad point is that it tends to smudge quite easily.
But overall, fantastic.

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