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Polishes - SinfulColors - Nail Polish (all colors)

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These polishes are my guilty pleasures. They are dirt cheap at my local CVS and come in great colors. What I like best about this brand is that it stays on as long as my more expensive polishes.

I do worry about it the quality (toxins, etc) as it's so very cheap. And I'm not a fan of the colors that are supposed to be opaque white, beige, ballet slipper pink. It takes too …
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Toners - Biologique Recherche - Exfoliating Lotion P50

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I love this product. I have combination, pale, Irish skin. It's always in need of exfoliation to keep the blackheads away. As p50 is expensive, I've tried to find substitute products. My skin behaves so much better when I'm using p50. It promotes the exfoliation I need to prevent some parts of my skin from being flaky. Just good stuff.

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