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Fragrances - LUSH - Karma

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9 months ago

I was really excited to try this scent as it was listed as a natural perfume. I liked it when I sprayed it but I couldn't get the full aroma because I was in the Lush store and it was overwhelming with scent. When I got in the car I could smell it and it was fine. I felt like I smelled more like a Christmas potpourri spray instead of an orange patchouli scent. I was bummed because I love …Read more

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Fragrances - CREED - Tubereuse Indiana

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I tested this one out when I was on a search for a nice, daily wear, tuberose perfume. When the lady at the NM counter sprayed it on my arm I winced. It blasted with smell that didn't match what my nose was expecting. But then....the magic began to happen. I was transported to the summers of the 70's. It smelled of crisp, sunny, air with woman wearing honeysuckle, jasmine and amber …Read more

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Fragrances - Carolina Herrera - Carolina Herrera Eau de Parfum

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I haven't smelled this perfume in a years. I am a Fracas lover and due to my job, I can't wear a heavy sent. I was on a search for a nice tuberose perfume that was a bit lighter. Something that I could wear daily that I could wear closer to myself but if I sat next to a person they would be able to smell me. I have searched up and down, testing all over town, and still nothing would …Read more

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