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Concealers - Bobbi Brown - Corrector

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Great. Took me years to get the application technique down but I have it down now and it is the best corrector I have used - better than Nars, MAC, MUF, and many pro brands not sold retail. The key to making this work - especially on mature skin - is using very thin layers vs. 1 thick layer. I have found it essential that it be applied in very very very thin layers waiting a bit between each …Read more

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Makeup Brushes - Trish McEvoy - Beauty To Go Refillable Pen

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I just got this. Counter person informed me that some were filling it with moisturizer (!) and THAT sold me. What a fantastic way to apply foundation by having a little moisturizer on the brush when doing the blending OR applying of, for example, a stick or cake-based foundation product. Ingenius.

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Moisturizers - CeraVe - Facial Moisturizing Lotion - AM SPF 30

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FYI to those using or considering using this. After using this daily (and being quite happy with it) for about 2 months, one day my skin just sort of exploded - lots of red, dry, flaky, patchy, and painful areas. What had changed - I was using it more than 1x / day (I was washing and then re-applying after a mid-day workout). That apparently was too much for my sensitive tending-towards-rosaceac …Read more

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