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Mascara - wet n wild - Mega Length Mascara

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I liked the brush on it - nice and small bristles can brush through my eyelashes nicely.

However, sometimes it does end up clumping my eyelashes together. I'm also not a fan of the wet formula - it takes forever to dry, and usually mascara ends up getting all over my eyelids or below my eyes.

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Moisturizers - Neutrogena - Deep Moisture Night Cream

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- nice, light texture that goes on like a dream
- decent moisture

- I was expecting a bit more from its claim of "deep moisture" because I live in the cold New England area. It provides good moisture, but definitely not enough if the weather gets below 15F

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Lip Treatments - eos - Lip Balm Sphere - Coconut Milk

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I absolutely HATED this lip balm.

The cute packaging drew me in, but the actual quality of the lip balm made me attempt to use this lip balm up in lightning time just so I can get rid of it without wasting money.

The lip balm does absolutely nothing for chapped lips. It just sits on your lips and then after around 3 hours, your lips will be chapped, cracked, and in pain …
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Treatments (Face) - IOPE - Whitegen Luminous Perfection Serum

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This product was pretty average. It's suppose to whiten skin / make skin more luminous, but I've noticed neither of those things. It's also not really moisturizing either so there wasn't anything special about it. Would not repurchase.

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Cleansers - CeraVe - Hydrating Facial Cleanser

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This isn't an especially great cleanser by any means - but it is good for sensitive skin. This does not clean off makeup well, so a makeup remover beforehand is a must.

I use my cleansers with a microdermabrasion brush so the cleansing part is mostly attributed to the brush.

Overall, a pretty decent cleanser. It is a bit on the pricier side though.

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