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Eyeliner - Charlotte Tilbury - The Feline Flick Liquid Eyeliner - Panther

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For me, this was a game changer. The first pen I've used that stays solid in colour, rather than going patchy within a few uses, gives a precise line, goes close to the lashes, and stays all day. I use nars eye primer under it. I love this product.

I've returned a couple of months later to add that the pen has not dried up, despite near daily use over a primer, making it …
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Moisturizers - Charlotte Tilbury - Magic Night Cream

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I feel compelled to write a review of this product, though I haven't ever reviewed on here before, because I was so surprised to find how little love there is for this cream. For me, this is a real miracle, in that two weeks in, it is the first night cream I've ever used that has worked - leaving me really moisturised the next day, without breakouts/milia. I have sensitive, dry skin …Read more

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