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91% would repurchase

Package Quality: 4.2

Price: $$

Package Quality: 4.2

Price: $$

Not tested on animals


Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brown, Straight, Coarse

Eyes: Other

UPDATE: 11/14/2012
It's been about a year and a half since I last wrote this review. I've stopped using Chagrin Valley because I recently moved to a hard water location and washing my hair with the bar took longer. I would get funky build up and sticky residue. Rinses work but... I could never get use to using the vinegar, store-bought, or citric acid rinses. The smell, process, or price of the rinses REALLY bothered me. I would love Chagrin Valley if I lived in an area with moderated to soft water locations.


As a whole, I love Chagrin Valley! I've tried several homemade soap companies and I always find myself going back to Chagrin Valley. The customer service is awesome. The package is splendid. The smell overall is FANTASTIC! Your mailbox will smell like flowers! Every single bar is different. It has it's own characteristics so it difficult to judge this company by review ONE bar. Down further, I have critique every bar I've ever used by Chagrin Valley. Bear with me. :)

For reference, I have extremely oily and acne prone facial skin. My body on the other hand is extreme dry and sensitive. My asian hair is SUPER OILY and dense and course 1c (according to the Long Hair Community).

My favorite are: Grapeseed Shea, Carrot Honey, Honey Beer, Honey Egg Beer Shampoo, and Cucumber Lime.

***Carrot and Honey Complexion:
One of my other favorites. Extremely gently. Great for my oily skin. Smell is earthy sweet goodness. Feels amazing on my skin. It cleanses and moisturizes well. I've noticed my face's redness has gone down. This soap gets me excited to wash my face! :P

***Chamomile & Calendula:
Honestly, I didn't find this soap special at all. I found the smell unbearable. It smelled like nasty moldy grass.

***Dead Sea Spa:
The lather is very thick and rich. The scent? Different! It's earthy yet has a lemony tang to it. I'm not too crazy about this bar. :(

***Cucumber Lime Soap:
I'm addicted to this scent. Scent reminds me of sweet limeade. Lathers well. Extremely soothing in the shower. Lol, I take extra long showers when I use this soap! Pleasant on the face after sunburn. I also use this soap as a 'leave on' for bug bites.

***Goat Milk Oatmeal Honey:
Not so pleased. Iíve never been a fan of oatmeal in my soaps. Has a natural earthy oats smell. Wayy too harsh and gritty. Made my skin too tight and flaky.

***Honey Butter:
Very very moisturizing. Awesome moisture! Great for bitter winters. Too much moisture for other months. I wasnít too fond of the smell. Makes shaving worth while! Forget the lotion, with this magic tool, we can save money over the years without lotion!

***Mango Multi Body Butter Serenity Grove:
Smells sooo soothing and good. Great in the shower to seal in moisture! Melts way too fast! I wished it didn't clog my tub.

***Grapeseed Shea:
My favorite multi-purpose soap! Even though, I love sampling the other soaps ,I always find myself lingering back to this! It's perfect for my sensitive oily acne face, hive prone body skin and oily coarse hair! Wonderful in everyway! I use this every night and morning to wash my face.

***Honey Beer:
My second favorite to the Grapeseed Shea. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gigantic lather, smell and cleansing effects. Moisture is perfect. My second favorite to the Grapeseed Shea. I use this as my shower body soap!

***Honey Beer and Egg Shampoo:
Most VOLUMINOUS and shiny hair shampoo I've ever used. This is a god send! I always use this before a date night to get SMEXY HAIR! I adore the after effects this shampoo had my hair. My hair became lustrous and shiny but I can only use this Honey Beer and Egg Shampoo once a week. I found that if I used this too often I begin to experience horrible tangles and breakage to my ends.

***Olive and Shea:
I found the scent to be bland. The effects are the same as the Honey Butter! :)

***Olive Babassu Shampoo:
Another multi-purpose soap. Super moisturizing. Best unscented soap yet! There are times I find myself not in the mood for any scents. I also use Olive Babassu on super sensitive face skin days. Wonderful to keep in my gym bag in the hot Texas heat. I'm always afraid of the some sort of scent leaking out into my car and my clothes. With Olive Babassu I don't have to worry. :)

***Patchouli Herb:
Smell is unlike anything I've ever used. I didn't like it so much on my body but it did wonders for my dandruff hair. :)

***Citrus Soapnuts and Sunflower Shampoo:
Citrus like shampoo. Perfect clarifying shampoo. I use this 1-2 twice a week for build-up removal from heavy styling products. This is the first clarifier that didn't strip my hair completely.

-Because the bars are made of natural oils and lipids, the bars will melt extremely quick in the shower.
-Expensive in comparison to other soaps
-Soap's PH is very alkaline. (despite the website mentioning soap bar to be a neutral, this is because they tested the mixture before add lye)
-Can take a while to get used to. You may need a special formulated rinse

Would I buy from Chagrin Valley again? Depending on the bar... I absolutely would! :)

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