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Package Quality: 4.2

Price: $$

Package Quality: 4.2

Price: $$

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Dry, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Other, Kinky, Fine

Eyes: Black

My skin type: Mostly dry, can flake at times, slightly oily on nose, very sensitive, eczema prone.
I live in a hot and humid country. My water type is hard. (Extremely important when using CV shampoos)

I've been using Chagrin Valley products for 3 years now so I believe I am in the right position to review their products. I will take you through their products one by one so bear with me. But generally, I like them, I like their packaging and I will continue to purchase and recommend their products. Their products are 100% natural, slightly scented but doesn't contain ingredients to give it a scent (does that make sense?) so if you are looking for products that gives a strong nice fragrance, CV is not for you, go for LUSH instead. I love LUSH but they aren't exaclty 100% natural.

Extra Honey beer and egg shampoo: AWESOME if you have flat hair. This gives volume. And the ingredients are great for your hair, very protein-rich. With their shampoos, if you live in a place where they use hard water, what you can do if you experience the sticky feeling after rinsing it off is that you need to rinse with apple cider vinegar after rinsing with normal water. This will solve any sticky problem.

Honey Butter soap: VERY moisturizing. Great for dry skin types. This is HG quality for me. However, I just can't get the smell. It doesn't really smell of honey. It's kinda stinky imo. But since it's so moisturizing, I can live with it. I used it on fresh shaven legs and it doesn't irritate them.

Dead Sea Spa soap: After using this for a week, you can see that it works to remove impurities from your skin. Use it on blackheads. It works wonders.

Shea Rose Clay soap: Great for mature skin. Soap smells lightly of roses which I adore. I use this on my face sometimes and it doesn't leave my skin tight.

Olive & Shea Soap: Love this. It is like the Castile and Calendula but with the added shea butter. Super moisturizing, great for eczema as long as you're not allergic to shea. But I find this doesn't last as long as the Honey Butter soap. I use this soap up quicker than the Honey Butter soap.

Castile & Calendula Baby Soap: Get this if you have ECZEMA. Don't ask, just get it! Trust me, I know. Your body will love you if you do yourself just this favour.

Chocolate Almond Soap: Was excited for this soap coz of the chocolate and the cool design but seriously nothing special. In fact, it does nothing to my skin. Quite disappointed really. And I hate, as in loathe, the smell. It's yucky. But that's just me. It gets stronger in the shower, not so much in the packaging.

Cocoa Butter Bath Melts: OMG! This has only 2 ingredients. Unrefined cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. The later is great for nails. So I used 1 for a foot soak and half for a hand soak. And OMG! Your nails and skin just cannot get any better than this. If you plan to do yourself a home spa (which I do every Sunday) then get yourself this. Relax with a face mask, cucumbers on your eye, foot and hand soak using this. Trust me, you will feel like you're draining the stress away.

All Natural Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Mousse: Been using this for about 4 months now and I feel that this product takes time to settle in. Because of this, I stopped using it on my face (I prefer my Cetaphil lotion) but I continued usage for my eyes. Ever since using this, I noticed that it made my undereye brighter, like glowy however the dark circles are still there but lightened just slightly. The amazing thing is! It seems to firm the skin up which I seriously think to be true. Since then I've been using it on my laugh lines, works well but I am patient and will give it time. Oh and if you plan to get this product thinking if will reduce dark circles, it won't. At least for me it didn't, but it will make your eye area brighter.

Three Butter Lotion Bar: Smells like chocolate, not artificially though. I use this as a travel lotion bar as it's not messy. The cap doesn't come off easily too. I get dry cuticles and dry hands in school after sanitizing multiple times after science labs so I always moisturize with this.

Butter Me Up Body Balm: It's an OK lotion. Great on days where you don't want your lotion to clash with your perfume. Quality is fine, I prefer my LUSH massage bars though. And oh, it kinda smells like wood. Haha.

Sweet Dream Salve: My review for this before was that it didn't seem to work. But now! I can see that when I apply this on my temples, I just suddenly feel so relax and within seconds, I'm asleep. This is HG for sure!

I have other soaps that I haven't tried. I will do an update review so stay tune. Sorry for my essay but I hoped I gave an overview of the company and hope this helps.

Body Balm - I can safely say I MUCH MUCH prefer this to LUSH's massage bar. LUSH clogs my skin.

Citrus Woods Green Tea Soap - HG soap. Smells good, cleans well, great for skin. Has mild scrubby bits that sensitive skin will appreciate.

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