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Package Quality: 4.2

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Package Quality: 4.2

Price: $$



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Ok, I don't know if I should SHARE this here, since apparently (according to my mom) microwaves *might* be cancer-causing...but you know, we use it for our food and everything, so..yeah. At ur own risk, ok?
Ok. If you wanna make this go on REALLY smooth and perfect and flawless, or if the gel liner dried up before you could even finish it, here's what can help.
I did this tonight on a hunch, and it worked well, so I'm putting this out there. I hope it doesn't give me cancer! Haha.
Ok. I put my container of kate gel liner in the microwave oven (FIRST take off the plastic lid, ok?). Then I set the microwave for 20 seconds. Then I leave the kitchen. Then I come back.
And voila! Gel liner is beautiful and wondrous once more! Actually, it goes on even better than it initially did, it's just perfection.
On a recent trip to Japan, I picked this up at a drugstore. The price translated to about ten to fifteen dollars (can't remember exactly), which is excellent.

I got it in BU-1 (a lovely dark blue, with microscopic shimmer) & pretty much adore the colour. On my brown eyes, it works really well.

The formula isn't dry/crumbly & it isn't whipped cream either. Always wet your brush before dipping it into the liner, it just won't work otherwise. It goes on smoothly, looks dark, rich, matte & Angelina-Jolie-esque, lasts throughout the day. I mean, I go swimming with this stuff on (cuz I'm crazy like that).

By the way, for those people who like to smudge their liner slightly (more natural-ish, dontcha know), don't worry, "lasts" does not equal "un-blurrable." You can do that with this thing, it's not liquid liner, just do it fast before it dries. And the best part is, once you smudge it, it'll stay smudged, it won't mysteriously vanish into the ether during the day without even a little *poof* sound effect to let you know, like every other liner out there.
There are some reviews here that say it DOESN'T last...and I does with uh..? Am I special? Maybe I use more than the other reviewers do, or maybe I was born under a lucky star.

A teensy dot of it on the brush goes a loong way, so even though they give you the tiniest PLOP of liner in the jar (shameful), it can last you for a year. By the way, you can use this on your waterline & it won't irritate you. I wear contacts & have sensitive eyes yet I do it all the time with no problem.

The brush must be praised. It's great quality. Small, rounded off, really gets into all the spaces between your lashes. I'm a winged-liner gal, and this brush gives me magnificently lined eyes. It can be subtle or va-va-voom, depending on the side of brush you's so so GOOD.
The buy was worth it for the brush alone.

Rating 3/5--one lippie off for the minimal helping they give you (tsk tsk) off for the packaging (too much pointless plastic...bad for the planet)...and one off can only find it in South-east Asia. Is that unfair?

But really, that trip to Japan was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and already I'm wishing I'd stocked up on this product. They should definitely expand their line to my country, AT LEAST. Sniff.

All in all, good buy, if you're off to Japan DEFINITELY pick this up. If not for yourself, for your niece, or your next-door neighbour.

(She will love you for it, but might secretly start cursing you under their breath after a while, because of course, owning the perfect eyeliner is akin to having tried the perfect strawberry cheesecake in a little French cafe, so now going back to ordinary cheesecakes/eyeliners is nigh impossible. Once you've seen the light, all else becomes darkness, etc. etc., and once it runs out, dammit, where will she get her fix?!!!)

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