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There are numerous of health benefits from fish oil, and cardiac health being the primary. There has been so many rumors going on over the internet yet facts are often unwritten and mostly only hypothesis and animal studies.

I'm sure you guys and gals who are obsessed with superficial beauty already understand the benefits of fish oil for the inside health, but what about the outside?

Here I'll give you some links for reference about omega-3 and skin health:


In summary, EPA+DHA mainly protects the skin from inside out, mainly from UV damage.
There's an article regarding EFA and lipid peroxidation(or, destruction of lipid by free radical), theoretically, leads to aging, but it should be noted that it's referring to the EFA itself, the destruction of long chain fatty acids like omega 3 because of its own instability, making it the primary source for being a martyr in free radical assault, thus protecting other structures from being targetted by free radicals(Correct me if I'm wrong.)

I'm no expert nor I am a researcher, therefore prefer to refer to the researches that have been done by experts(and well documented) instead of relying on my own experience.(Although I, myself take 2000mg of EPA+DHA every day)

If you're too lazy to read, and I understand that most people are, here is the guideline for taking omega 3:
-For cardiac health 650mg of EPA+DHA
-For weight loss, 660mg EPA+600mg DHA
-**For significant internal UV protection, 1800mg EPA+ 1200mg DHA

**it should be noted that in the guideline, upper limit for omega 3 is 3000mg EPA+DHA, more than that can cause adverse effect on blood clotting or increases the chance of hemorragic stroke, although only theoretical, I suggest not taking more than 3000mg EPA+DHA.

**high omega 3 dose is usually used in many research, this is mainly to see a distinct and visible value to the parameter used, and not to be used as the guidline per se(for example, for UV protection, 3000mg of total EPA+DHA is used to prove it, basically you can get UV protection from a lower dose.)

There is a myth regarding PCB and mercury in supplements but the case is rare and just a media hysteria, I've read Doctor Chopra's book regarding supplements and nutrition(you can google him), and he said that fish oil supps are unlikely to be contaminated and much safer than eating bigger fishes(which are higher in the food chain, accumulating more mercury).

There's also "pharmaceutical grade fish oil"(and uh, by the way, not regulated by FDA anyway, they're allowed to say whatever they want and put it on a higher price), or EE(ethy ester) or TG(triglycerides) form, both forms work well and absorbed well, and the term pharmaceutical is just a nonsense to me. Although I must say, if I could buy it, I would(okay, so deep down, outside the facts I've read,I happen to believe that the pricier the better), but for those who are on the low budget, no need to worry, the "normal"(EE form) and "non-pharmaceutical" fish oil is fine.

It seems that EPA and DHA makes not so much difference in the ratio, rather, the sum of them, and they work synergically. Aim for the total of EPA+DHA 500-1000mg a day for general health.

As for the acne, there has been a non-conclusive(although with a proof) research suggesting that higher omega-3 intakes are beneficial in reducing acne severity(numbers of acnes) and the lessions(you know, the redness...) None of the participants showed an increase of acne severity after 2 months of ingesting omega-3 rich capsules.
The information regarding the amount of omega-3(EPA+DHA) used is not known, it was only said, "...taking 4 capsules of a day." Nonetheless the research is pretty astounding and a great news for acne sufferers.

The omega-3 content in the body will reach its plateau or near-maximum saturation in 3 weeks, so if you're taking fish oils and get more acnes in 1-2days or 1-2 weeks(..or in hours) when taking it, it's unreasonable to blame fish oil. It should be noted that omega 3 fish oil is not a miracle product for eradicating the existence of acnes entirely and relying it entirely is again, unreasonable, other products should be used in conjunction to reduce acnes significantly(like Benzoyl Peroxide or BHA). If everything else fails, consult to a dermatologist.

I'm not promoting any brands and try not to measure it through my own experience(although I do have it), just so I don't sound so biased and rather tell you the well-documented and researched facts. Have fun with fish oil, and don't forget to put your sunscreen on everyday for the sake of beauty!

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