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Package Quality: 4.5

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Ladies & Gentlemen, we are floating in space. This is the age of new-wave makeup. In order to help you change your life i have compiled an easy-to-read FAQ guide about this revolutionary product.

1. What the hell is Air Touch Foundation?

Air Touch Foundation is a red spaceship-like object that dispenses a fine mist of ionized foundation upon click of a button. With this cutting-edge makeup object, you can now bid farewell to all sponges and foundation brushes. Gone will be the days where you stand at the wash basin rinsing your brushes endlessly. Gone will be the possibilities of contamination and bacteria. Gone will be the phenomenon of messy foundation-stained fingers. Gone will be the look of ruddily blended makeup.

2. How is that possible?!

It's all possible, thanks to 11 years of tough research by several scientists and astronauts at the SK II laboratories. They had understood the abovementioned problems women have been facing since foundation was invented, and put in hard work to realise this dream of airbrushed perfection.

3. If it's so perfect, why aren't all women using it yet?

Because people are afraid of technology. They are afraid to deal with suspicious looking disc-like objects. They are doubtful that it can really work. Just like in the days where our nights were lit by candles, until the light bulb was invented. Many years down the road, we will be looking back and laughing with our daughters and granddaughters how troublesome makeup was back then.

4. Does this mean that traditional foundation will be history?

Of course not. We still use candles for candlelit dinners. All things have a different purpose. Light bulbs are just more convenient.

5. Dior and MAC have airbrush products too. Why should i pay more for this compact spaceship?

Dior will get into your hair and clothes. This won't. Its ionized particles are only attracted to moisture-rich skin. They have no interest in your hair and clothing. MAC's spray foundation needs to be sprayed onto the bank of your hand and then applied with a foundation brush. How innovative.

6. Is it true that this foundation offers little coverage, and is meant for those with
perfect skin?

Those with perfect skin do not need this foundation. Because after it goes on, they wont be able to notice any difference since their skin is already perfect. Those with gargantuan pores and ruddy skin surface need this badly. No matter how excellent your powder/creme/liquid foundation is, it will highlight your problems. This one on the other hand is guaranteed to provide a uniform finish. See here:

In order to utilise this foundation to the best of its abilities, we first need to understand what its meant to do and not meant to do. Its NOT meant to mask your entire face and turn it opaque. If you want to look opaque, i recommend you finish your whole face with concealer. That would work better than any foundation in the world *snort* So be smart - use a concealer underneath this spray, only on areas that need help.

7. So how do i apply foundation with this gizmo, and how long does it take?

(Click continued to see picture) It takes all but 30 seconds for a natural finish. 60 seconds for a full finish. How long it takes to dry depends on what you use underneath.

----It has come to my attention that many ladies here are using this wrongly----

****Important: It is NOT TRUE that this foundation does not set. You CAN AVOID FINGERPRINTS or anything funky like that. Just remember - do not use anything overly wet/dewy/sticky underneath e.g moisturiser or sunscreen. Choose something that can absorb quickly instead. Make sure your skin is matte first. The foundation cannot set on a surface that is wet, and will take forever to dry.

****Important: It is NOT TRUE that it ruins your eye MU, or you cant do eye mu. listen - only blusher/concealer goes under the Air Touch, ALL EYE & LIP MU to go AFTER the Air Touch.

*****Important: DO NOT PUT POWDER OVER THE AIR TOUCH. The Air Touch itself IS a FINISHING spray and it gives you super even finish that no other foundation or powder can replicate. Why do you want to go destroy it with another layer of chalk?

*****Important: Be sure to spray at least 10cm away from your face, do not go any nearer. For nose/mouth area, use very very very sparingly.

Remember, practice makes perfect.

8. So what can this foundation do for my unruly skin?

It contains Pitera, SKII's star ingredient, which is wonderful for skin. And after spraying it on, with my tips and instructions in mind, be prepared to have porcelain clear skin for at least the next 12 hours.

9.Isnt this high-tech gizmo going to cost a bomb?

Well yes, but compared to storming the beauty halls every other month in search of the best foundation in the world, spending money on one night stands and short flings, why not throw your moolah into something as revolutionary as this?

10. What color is suitable for me? (click Continued)

According to whether you have pink or yellow undertones, pick the correct shade. NW ladies should go for OP while NC ladies pick OB or BE.

11. Okay so i finally bought it. But i can't get the thing to work! What am i doing wrong?

Check the diagrams here:

Be sure to break the seal of the refill by pushing the nozzle all the way down till there is no gap between the nozzle and the refill packet. Then turn the dial to DROPLET icon and ooze out a drop onto a tissue. After that, set dial to ON, and you're all set!

Two ways of applying:

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