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Package Quality: 3.4

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Package Quality: 3.4

Price: $


Age: 25-29

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Hair: Blond, Straight, Coarse

Eyes: Brown

Dont let the product name "liquid lipstick" for this is a gloss, no doubt about it. it would be great if it were a bit more opaque then maybe they could be true to name but nonetheless, its a great gloss esp for those who need simple glosses-
The Elf Luscious Liquid Lipsticks are available online on their site in all shades and also various shades can be found at some Target stores, & i have also seen them at Dollar Tree, Ross, Kmart & Sears Grand. This will all vary depending on your location. The price though is great- these glosses will only cost you $1 each, yes $1 for a good lipgloss.
The Luscious Liquid lipsticks are actually lip glosses. These glosses are great for those who are looking for a simple throw it on gloss thats not hard to pull off or sticky. I hate sticky lippies. I have severely dry lips that typically look hideous when anything is put on them other than chapstick. So how i typically wear these is i put on my carmex or chapstick & then maybe a lipstick then a gloss. Sometimes i go w/ a sheer tone gloss. Pink Lemonade is a simple cool pink that can be toned down by either lipliner or a lipstick. So alone its a cool barbie pink that is sheer with application. some color does show up- its not one of those it dont matter lipgloss cause you dont see it, you do see the color. What i love about these glosses is that they arent super sticky. they are a tad tacky but not too bad. Once i rub my lips together a few times, the tackiness does subside a good deal. Performance wise this will all depend on what you wear underneath it. But with most glosses, they tend to fade away within the first 3 hours. This one can wear for a good hour or two then it fades so you will have to reapply- i think thats the case w/ any gloss. So take it with you if you want to keep it lasting. Pink Lemonade is a good basic color that can be worn daily with any look & any season. Thats why i love it bc i dont have to worry about what looks it looks ok with or what season i have to stash it away bc its too much. Great for beginners who want to start playing around with lippies & see what they like or dont. I love these & own a few.
Ok i dont know if im a fan of the packaging. it could be great but its a pain really thats why i put it in the middle. This is a plastic tube that is mechanical & you can twist up to get the gloss to a doe foot applicator with a hole that dispenses the gloss. initial application- you will have to twist this a million times to get the first glob of gloss then after that its pretty easy. a few clicks you & you will have enough to coat your lips. i like the clicking noise bc it allows to me hear how much im going to get. So make sure to watch the first few times to see how much you are getting & will need. The name is located on the bottom on a little sticker. The logo/product name is written in a metallic writing. This is as small as a sharpie marker so its travel friendly for sure. you can slip it in any purse or bag. & really without a mirror you can slip this on. So i like it but i hate that its a waste of packaging since you will end up twisting it up halfway before you get the first of the gloss so actually you dont get a whole lot of product but i personally dont mind since i dont use alot of lip products so im not wasting a whole bunch. So if you want alot- this will drive you crazy. otherwise- easy to apply with the doefoot applicator.
Overall, these Luscious Liquid lipsticks are great glosses for anyone who wants to extend their collection & play around. esp since their $1- its not a big deal if you dont like the color. Pink Lemonade is one of the staple pinks i think everyone should have just incase!

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