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Package Quality: 3.8

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Package Quality: 3.8

Price: $$




Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Upon reading all of the hype, I had to give this mask a chance! I have extremely sensitive skin that is acne-prone and even if it is said to be safe and recommended, there is no way I am using ACV on it. I feel my skin begin to burn and turn bright red at the mere thought. So, I have used this mask three times, mixing it with water and applying it with a foundation brush, leaving it to dry for about 15-20 minutes. I do get the pulsating effect that is a bit annoying but not unbearable. Unbearable is when I have applied it to my neck, even just under my jawline and chin, and it gets extremely itchy and tight, very uncomfortable, so never again will I make that mistake. My skin is definitely brighter after use, it does deep clean my pores and minimizes the blackheads on my nose that ordinarily nothing will cure. This stuff is harsh, however, and I do find it to be drying. Also having such acne-prone skin that I **finally** have learned to manage in the last few years makes using this mask less appealing because I know it does purge pimples from beneath the surface, even within the matter of time I use it, when acne appears that wasn't there 20 minutes before. It could be true that the blemish would have surfaced eventually anyway, that this helps you deal with it now rather than later, but I'm not completely sure about that given the success I have had with my skincare routine at keeping breakouts from forming. I feel discouraged when that happens w/ this mask because it is like I'm needlessly tampering with the effective routine I have by using something so powerful that immediately causes breakouts, so with all that said, I don't think this product is for me. Hopefully I can find a different mask with the same good cleansing and blackhead-eliminating effects that this does, that doesn't make me an instant pizza face in the process and dry out my skin at the same time.

UPDATE, 4/12/13: Upped rating from 3 lippies to 4. I tried mixing this with witch hazel (Dickinson's 100%) and now we're getting somewhere! It worked much better than water at making the consistency of the mask easier to work with and my skin was even brighter and actually soft and smooth. Also not drying, which is weird because sometimes witch hazel is on my skin. I still broke out a little but not as bad this time and I recovered from it faster. I recommend trying with WH if water isn't working or if you're scared of ACV like me! :) & I know I swore it off sort of before, but I just have so much of it and it really does deep clean my pores... I have to use it up and if I have success again, I may repurchase.

Update, numero dos! 4/23/13: Ok, now I caved with the ACV and have used it with the mask twice. It turned my skin every shade of red that I thought it would and my skin felt the most dry of anything I have used it with, but it seriously cleaned out my pores best. Despite the acne and some redness I have, my skin looks so clean and smooth. With moisturizer and an hour or so, the redness went away, also. As some have said too, I do notice it might take a day or two after use to really see improvement but it's worth it when you do. I'm a believer now because I think this will be a good weekly mask to help clarify my skin after a week of full face makeup and such. :D I will often use it again with witch hazel, or so I intend. ACV when I really need it. Water only if I'm out of the other two products. ;) This stuff is great and I totally recommend if your skin needs deep cleaning and pore unclogging. (I think this is the most obnoxious review I've ever written with all of the updates)

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