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Package Quality: 3.8

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Package Quality: 3.8

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Aztec Secret

Forget any so-called silly ready-made ďmaskĒ you have ever bought. Nothing can compare.

As a full-blown beauty enthusiast & product junky, Iíve tried me some masks Ė many of which I liked Ė but I was not ready for what I was about to learn: that every ďmaskĒ I ever ďlikedĒ has NOTHING on this, baby! Nothing.

So, lets talk QHMJM, the most talked about mask. Good stuff, except it contains irritants like methyl, as do many other masks. And do you know what itís main ingredient is? Well, itís THIS! So with this you basically get the same mask, on turbo charged and minus the irritants. Most masks are chalk full of all kinds of ingredients, and this only has one: pure bentonite clay (volcanic ash). Itís simple. And it works so much better. The best part of itís simplicity is that you are able to customize it to fit your wants/needs.

I use it to shrink and purge more pores and to treat occasional acne as I get it. I mix mine with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and the more natural/pure the form, the better. (I suggest organic, w/ the mother Ė even though it looks nasty). I donít mix mine 50/50 as the instructions suggest. To me it always turns out way too watery, so I just mix in a bowl, little by little, until it becomes creamy. I donít like it to be too thick, but not too runny either. I think it is best to use a dropper to add the ACV and make very little, and add more powder/liquid as necessary. You really need a lot less then you think you do, and so itís best to air on the side of too little Ė not only save product, but because it is a pain to clean if you have a bowl full you need to wash!

I do not put it on anywhere NEAR as thick as they suggest. I put on a rather thin layer, just thick enough so that I canít see my skin. Otherwise, it will take a million years to dry. Even when I do this, it still isnít fully dry in 30 minutes. I try and leave it on as long as I can stand, but itís rarely long enough for it to dry all the way, but itís still effective. If you didnít feel it pulsate, you didnít leave it on long enoughÖ sometimes I donít feel until about 20 minutes into the process. I recommend doing something that will distract you so you donít sit there an think about how weird it feels and how badly you want to itch or chip it off. Do not go and watch something hilariousÖ when you laugh or smile it will crack off you face and itch more! Donít talk on the phone, donít try and eat, drink through a strawÖ do whatever you need to do to stay as stationary and expressionless as possible!

Also, keep it far away from your eyes & mouth. When it tightens it will become very uncomfortable if you donít, especially around the sensitive skin around the eye sockets. What I do is after Iíve smoothed it out everywhere, I take a damp Qtip and clean it up anywhere that got too close before it dries.

When itís dry, & Iím ready to remove, I start moving my face around and let as much of it crumble off as I can get. Then I take a damp warm washcloth and hold it onto the face until the mask softened and GENTLY wipe it away. You skin will be very sensitive, red, and blotchy, so please be nice to it right now. Then follow up with a basic moisturizer for sensitive skin (no fragrances, no special ingredients like chemical exfoliants or lighteners) and donít try and do any other treatments right after. Give you skin the night to recover, because this stuff is intense! I have tried using moisturizers with BHA/AHA and it just burned really bad! A lot of people complain about it being too drying, but I find a nice night cream (I use olay for sensitive skin) takes care of that. Sometimes I reapply it a couple times in the night. It you still have a issues, try adding some honey to your mixture. Also, donít over use it, either. Only use it when & where you need it!

This stuff really does tighten on the skin. You can feel it; thatís the pulsing they are talking about. You can also tell because if a piece chips off the skin under that area kind bulges out around the drying mask and you can see it pulling at the edgesÖ itís the weirdest thing ever. Honestly, it kinda creeps me out. Itís worth it though. After I take it off my skin is smooth, firm and inflammation is reduced. My pores are visibly smaller and cleared out. Overall skin looks healthy and glowy.

You can do variations of this mask using things like tea, honey, etc Ė so make sure you read as many reviews as you can so you can see the options. For me an occasional mask w/ this + ACV works wonders.

If acne is in the early stages, this will bring them to the surface and make it look a little worse. This pimple has now ďcome to a headĒ and it will now heal faster. If you are into extracting, then a lot of times after this mask a pimple that was too deep to extract before ready for purging. If not, then just keep doing the mask as a spot treatment until it dries out. Healing acne, inflamed acne or recently picked at acne looks much less inflamed after this mask, but the areas are still very sensitive and need to be left alone to heal.

Overall, I am very happy with this mask, and I donít see myself using anything else in a tube ever again. I forget about it for a while, and then when I try it again I am amazed all over. Nothing has cleared up my skin so quickly & effectively. $6 a tub is an amazing deal and it will last ages! I have used it so much and I am not even half way through it yet!

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