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Package Quality: 3.8

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I just used Aztec Secret for the first time. I have normal/combination skin with pores slightly bigger than I'd like and blackheads on and around my nose and a couple on my chin. Those are officially ALL GONE.

I mixed according to the instructions, half ACV, half Aztec Secret and added a few drops of tea tree oil for its cleansing properties.

HUGE CAVEAT: I had read a couple reviews and they stuck in my head (some people said they slept with this mask on) so my friend and I left the mask on for 1.5hrs. Do NOT do this! At least not the first time! And I would not add tea tree oil, not to this mask at least. Only after I saw my face did I kick myself for not reading the instructions and relying on a few people's reviews (and my friend who had fallen asleep with this concoction on probably wanted to kick me as well). Anyway, it has been over 2hrs since I took off the mask and my skin still looks like I have second degree burns on my right cheek. I put apricot kernel oil on my face after washing the mask off and hoped for the best. I will definitely use this again WELL after my face heals. I will try it with ACV again for a much shorter period of time and, otherwise, I'll try it with water to see if it was the ACV. Either way, this mask removed blackheads I didn't even know existed until there were all these empty pores.

UPDATE: It's the next day, it has been about 20hrs and I woke up and the burn mark is now darker. I am extremely upset that in the quest for perfect skin I have what looks like a potential scar on my face. This obviously is not because of an ingredient on the mask but due to me leaving it on too long or perhaps having put too much vinegar or the tea tree oil, who knows. Just wanted to emphasize following the instructions with respect to time, I don't know how some of these reviewers sleep in this mask...definitely try it out for 10 minutes or so and see how it feels...you can always go a little longer the second time. I may have to go to a dermatologist.

UPDATE: upon the suggestion of a kind reviewer, I went out and bought vitamin E oil and luckily aloe grows wild here. I cut fresh aloe and gently patted it onto the three areas of my face where I had developed what looked like scabs and followed it with the vitamin E oil. I did this about 3-5 times per day I think (essentially, any time I realized that my skin was not oily, I put the aloe and vitamin E back on) and only put on my usual spf 100 when I had to walk outside. Usually I am all for letting my skin breathe, especially since my skin usually reacts negatively to any type of topical medication. In this case, however, I was afraid of the scabs getting dry and 'breaking off'. After just a few days, the burns seemed somewhat lighter. After a week the scabs started gently coming off on their own. About 9 days later, the last of the scabs gently rubbed off and the only thing that was left was beautiful skin!

Check out my pictures of my burn and how it looked after a week of using Vitamin E and fresh aloe every day.

Another reviewer told me that a good treatment after a burn like that was egg yolk (with omegas if possible) with turmeric. If my skin ever goes haywire again after an overzealous treatment, I'll make sure to try this!

UPDATE: I just used the mask again for the first time since the horrible burn. I used about 2 tbsp of the powder, about 3 tbsp water, 1 tbsp Rose & Glycerin water, only a couple drops of ACV to take out some of the clumps and I put in a drop of lavender EO instead of tea tree and I left it on for 15 minutes. Not using all ACV definitely leaves this stuff clumpy but oh well. I do find that the blackheads are still on and around my nose which was not the case last time. I put on a Bioré strip right afterward and my nose looked totally clear.

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