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Package Quality: 3.2

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Age: 19-24

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I am using this with my retinoid, Ziana. It seems every pore on my nose and most on my cheeks and everywhere else are clogged with hardened sebum. After spending thousands to clear my skin up and having nothing to show for it, I said enough. I looked for a natural method to rid my skin of the adult acne and clogged pores.

At first, nothing much happened. I mean my skin felt nice and it didn't break me out. But then. after a week of using this, one night I was massaging the oil on my face and it felt like tiny grains of sand were on my face. I looked at my hands and I kid you not, at least 30 sebum plugs were there, with even more coming out. I was amazed. It took a while to soften them I guess (the retinoid probably helped too) but NOTHING has ever been able to clean those out of my pores. Nothing. They've been clogged for years and I've finally found something that works.

It sounded absurd at first, washing my crazy angry, acne prone, scarred up oily skin with oil. But after researching, it makes sense. Since then, I've also switched to a cleansing conditioner instead of shampoo & conditioner and I've had excellent results.

My routine changes every night based on my skins needs. Because of the retinoid I use every 2 nights, my skin is dryer some days. I've had the best results:

On normal days: 20% castor oil, 20% grapeseed oil, and the rest jojoba.

On dry days: 20% grapeseed, the rest jojoba. Maybe a dash of avocado oil if I'm SUPER dry.

On oily days (rare): 40% castor oil, the rest jojoba.

On days I have pimples surface from retinoid use I add a few drops of tea tree oil. It seriously ZAPS zits, but can be extremely drying.

I apply the oil on my face and massage for 5 minutes, put a hot wet rag on my oil covered face until it starts to cool, then wipe and massage/rinse till my skin feels clean. Then splash with cold water to help close the pores. I wait 30 minutes then apply my retinoid OR moisturizer (never both). In the morning I just wash with water (or a gentle cleanser if I used a retinoid the night before to clean it off my skin). Wait 30 minutes and apply Skinceuticals Serum 20, wait another 30 then moisturize if peeling.

I've had wonderful results so far. I'm breaking out from the retinoid purging process but nothing out of the ordinary. (This is my 2nd go round with them so I knew what to expect)

I bought all the oils at Whole Foods, and even 3 or 4 oils is cheaper than buying an entire skin care arsenal.

It's worth a shot if you're like me and have got nothing to lose.

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