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Package Quality: 3.2

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I can't recommend this method for oily/acne prone skin. If you read the other MUA reviews, OCM has the most success for those with dry skin. Also if you do some research online (which I should have done beforehand), there are several articles and videos that don't recommend this method particularly for those with oily skin. Here are a few links:

When I first tried OCM, I used a blend of olive oil and lavender, and my skin was so soft and smooth. A few pimples would crop up on my chin and forehead, but would go away quickly. A few days into the routine, I added castor oil and this really got those plugs loose. But after about two weeks, my skin turned a complete 360 with painful pimples, whiteheads and red bumps, and the texture felt like sandpaper. This was the worst it had ever been! My face hurt so, so bad and I looked terrible.

I know some people will claim that what I was going through was "purging", but purging is not about breaking out in places you normally donít break out. I never broke out on my forehead, but while doing OCM, it erupted in pimples, and painful ones! Unfortunately my skin just got irritated from OCM. And yes, I did use the good, cold pressed, organic, 100% oils (no blends).

For those of us struggling with oily skin, acne, blackheads and enlarged pores, using an oil/oil based cleanser is like adding salt to a wound - it will only make it worse. This is how I look at it - I already have oily skin, then I decide to clean my dirty face with oils, massaging all that dirt and oil deeper into my already oil-filled pores, steam my face with warm water opening the pores even more, then wipe the oils off with water. Water does not dissolve oil. There could be some oil and dirt left on my face that will now clog up my pores - great.

I am not saying that using oil as a cleanser is not good for the skin - it just is not good for oily, acne prone skin. What my skin needed was a good cleanser to dissolve and control the oils on my face, not add to the oiliness. It has taken me almost two weeks to get my skin back to its pre-OCM state, and I am using a mild castille soap to cleanse, raw apple cider vinegar to tone, a salicyclic cream, and 1-2 drops of tamanu oil (yes oil) to moisturize and help with scarring.

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