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Package Quality: 3.6

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Cocos nucifera


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Ladies & gents, do yourself the best body care favor you ever could: go to the supermarket and slap down a five dollar bill for a jar of pure, refined coconut oil.

Coconut oil is not greasy or sticky and hard to spread like most oils. It's solid just below room temperature, and liquid just above, and the tiniest bit will melt instantly in your palms and spread across a large amount of your skin. It's perfect for use all over your body - on your face, on your hair, on your nails and cuticles - everywhere. And a $5 jar will last well over a year.

Almost all traditional moisturizer formulations have ingredients to make your skin more receptive to the beneficial ingredients - sounds good in theory, but in reality, this means that everything you touch, both in your normal life and in the moisturizer itself, is going into your bloodstream. Not a problem if you use these moisturizers once in a while, but when you use them every day of your life for, say, sixty years, you absorb a ton of nasty, toxic chemicals.

Our world is more and more toxic every day - even handling copy machine toner or certain kinds of magazine paper, or having nail polish or exhaust fumes floating around your skin while it's more receptive to absorb this stuff - well, this is not so good to put your body through every day for most of your living years. Your skin is your largest organ and it's meant to be a barrier to all that junk floating around. Not to mention, a lot of the stuff *right in the moisturizers themselves* is pretty toxic when you get a steady, albeit small, dose of it every day of your life. you don't need it.

Another problem with traditional moisturizers is that they soften the topmost layer and break down the natural oils and protiens that serve as a barrier to keep the right moisture levels in the skin, so although when you first put the moisturizer on that action makes it feel quite silky and nice, by a few hours later, your skin can loose it's ballance once the water evaporates, and you feel like you need more moisturizer. Not so good. After about a month of only using the coconut oil, I found I could put a tiny bit of it on my face and body after a shower, and never feel the need to moisturize again until after my next shower.

So, I've been using coconut oil instead of moisturizer for about four months now, and though I still use sunscreens in a typical moisturizer formulation during the day, my skin is doing much better now. I find it doesn't feel dehydrated by the end of the day anymore, and I feel like my skin is in a natural state now and functioning in a much healthier way. And as far as the toxic problems associated with regular moisturizers are concerned, I feel that in a world as toxic as ours is, it's nice to be able to make whatever simple changes we can. Even if we can't be entirely non-toxic, every bit helps. continued >>

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