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Package Quality: 3.6

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Cocos nucifera


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ok i deleted my original review where this stuff really did nothing for me and I will now write a new review on what I think.....

ok on hair i don't really like it, its ok. I get better results from mixing tomato sauce, honey & EVOO together for a mask, plus if i do use on hair I use it up faster & its to expensive to do that.

***SHAVING: clogs my shavers big fail.

for body its not good, its doesn't supply no where near the amount of moisture i need it to. I used it for a month on my 2yr olds Keratosis after reading that some have been cured of theirs when they used coconut oil, but another fail it did nothing for her. :-( However behind her knee she gets real itchy and I apply it there and it instantly takes the itch away for her :-) SCORE.

in winter my jojoba oil is not enough moisture for my skin (at night) so i usually top it with coconut oil and rub in real good, so I do like it for this and its given me no issues or break outs :-)

since moisturizing my hands and cuticles with this, my nails have been peeling like crazy, i don't think its the CO doing it but who knows, it surely didn't help, so another FAIL :-(

for 15yrs I have put lotions of all kinds and brands on my feet before bed and put on socks. I have genetically dry feet and NOTHING has ever helped in 15yrs. I know the CO doesn't give me good moisture on my body so i wasn't expecting much at all on my rough feet BUT OMG this stuff works MIRACLES on feet, like i can't even believe my eyes I am in shock, all i can say is USE ON YOUR FEET.

I took this by mouth (unrefined, virgin) for maybe 6months or so, it was a quick fix one night for bad acid reflux, it can banish menstrual cramps in 10 minutes and they will never come back. If taken daily i don't even get cramps or bloating. I have had a bloating problem ever since i could remember but with this taken daily my problem (that dr's had no fix for) was cured. ever since having kids i get insane crippling pain 1-2 weeks after my period for a few days, my dr think i might for some reason be feeling by body ovulate, pain meds did not help but take this oil daily and i have had no problems. This oil i can no live with out (by mouth) but i have stopped for the time being to check my cholesterol and am looking for a dr to say its ok to take this (would just feel better if they did) but being that is saturated (even though its a good one) getting someone to say its ok to take will never happen in my lifetime. I feel its safe, but want that "ok". so for now I have given it up and all my problems are back :-( I WANT MY CO.

my toddler goes #2 alot and her butt gets really irritated from wiping it, so in order to prevent that from happening i rub her lower half with CO and it never gets inflamed anymore, and IF it does I rub it on and it fixes it.

toddler had red, runny eyes that was bothering her, when i finally got her to sleep, I rubbed this all over her eye (hoping to get a little in the eye) she woke up the next day 100% :-)

i have heard u can use this as sunblock but have to season your skin first, I have not done the seasoning part yet but might try it this spring/summer

I am using right now as a make up primer, after my moisturizer sits for a little i massage this oil in then dab off any excess so i am not oily, let it sit for a bit and apply my bb cream. works good :-)

i know i know how can it be a remover and primer, i dont' know it just works. love this as an eye makeup remover.

***OIL PULLING: (white teeth)
you have got to google oil pulling, it pulls toxins out of the body, fixes all kinds of problems, gives u energy, weight loss and WHITE TEETH. I have been oil pulling with CO for only 2 wks and immediately my teeth got whiter, they are soooo much whiter i can't stop looking at them and its only been 2wks. I will never stop oil pulling, will do it for the rest of my life for healthy white teeth, healthy gums, overall health and whatever else it will bring to my life.

when my toddlers had a fever i rubbed them down with CO and it brought the fever down to a safe temp without breaking it, i did not want to break it because that will take away the bodies defense against the virus. I love this stuff.

******girls while i haven't tried it (cause i never get them) from what i read u might be able to use this for yeast infections too**********

CO is my favorite thing on this earth, i am dying to take it by mouth again hopefully one day I will again. I have jars of this in almost every room of my house and one in my purse (never know when u will need it) so many milllions of uses for it. My husband laughs at me cause whenever there is a problem I say "get the coconut oil" LOL now my 3yr says it too. if something is wrong she says "mama u gonna get the coconut oil?"

some might say it's not sanitary but I usually use a sterile knife from the dishwasher and wrap it in a napkin and set the blade part in a small zip lock bag. u might have to get a fresh utensil with each use but hey that's a small sacrifice for something that works miracles.

my mom is using this to moisturize the cancer on her nose and now the cancer is almost gone :-) I had read it could get rid of topical cancer and now i have proof. I also read it can prevent it from coming back. I am worried about dealing with skin cancer since I burned to the point of blisters twice when little (that pretty much makes my chances of getting cancer 100%) so am now having my husband massage this oil into my skin on my shoulders, neck and back every night before bed in hopes i will never have to worry about cancer :-) time will tell.....

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