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Package Quality: 3.6

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I use an unrefined one from Fiji, it claims to be 'organic' but ho hum, who can really be sure anyway? A couple of points about coconut oil and particularly unrefined ones. Unrefined coconut oils are a cream rather than white oil, they are soft to liquid at room temperature having a melting point of only 24 C. If yours is hard as a rock and white at room temp you've got a refined one. At least one brand in Australia sells a 'virgin organic' coconut oil thats refined. The refining process bleaches it and also gives it a higher melting point. The health industry has adopted the title 'extra virgin' for coconut oil they want to market as being special. But all unrefined coconut oils are the same. I get mine for about $18 kg at the local vitamin store. You could possibly find it in an ethnic food store as well, although I've yet to find an unrefined one there.

Now onto the oil itself. I use this topically for hair and skin and also as a food. Hence the reason why I buy it by the bucketful. Coconut is a silky oil that melts rapidly on skin contact and doesn't take much time to soak in as long as you're not putting it on like you're basting a turkey. It leaves your skin very soft and is one of the faster absorbing oils for skin use. I've been using it daily for about a year and haven't noticed an real miracles beyond it moisturizing. But I like it's feel and versatility of it above any other oil so I use it daily from head to toe after a shower. I live in a hard
water area which tends to dry out the skin.

Things I can truthfully attribute to unrefined coconut oil.....

It is in deed antimicrobial. I had a skin infection on my leg which no amount of chemist creams could contain. Plain old coconut oil though kicked it's ass I'm about a week. After just one application the fungal infection dried up and then quickly healed.

Good skin softener and excellent after shower lotion. I'd always failed to apply lotion or oils religiously after a daily shower. The texture and slip was always wrong and I spent the next hour walking around in an oil slick. Coconut oil has a lot of slip making it easy to spread over the skin very thinly. It soaks in fast and it's easy to use. If you live in a cold weather country pour melted coconut oil into a silicone muffin pan then pop out your solid bars of it. Store it where it won't melt then rub onto the skin for perfect application. If you live in a hot climate just store your bars in the fridge. Easy. Whether or not I like it as a hair oil is still to be debated.

Makes excellent face creams. Unlike other oils coconut oil produces a fluffy but very creamy consistency of cream that's fast soaking in. It's the best alround carrier oil for making lotions and creams due to ease of use and the way the finished product acts and feels. Of course just applied neat to the skin is also very good if you can't be bothered making something out of it. Most commercial face creams and eye creams are made from coconut oil. MCT & Capric\caprylic triglyceride are coconut oil.

Excellent makeup remover that's easy steamed off or washed off with another cleanser. I have normal to dry skin so I just use a warm face cloth to wipe it off and leave it.

It's cheap enough to slather anytime your skin feels dry. It will cost you a lot less than a boutique body butter, which is mostly coconut oil anyway. I have cracked heels and very tough skin on the soles of my feet. Nothing I have ever used has made a spec of difference, until now. Since I've been rubbing my body down with it daily my cracked heels have healed and my soles are a lot softer. Certainly one of the better moisturizers for this purpose.

When I first started using it, I found the sweet scent a bit nauseating to be honest. But now I've gotten used to it it doesn't bother me at all.

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