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Package Quality: 3.8

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Package Quality: 3.8

Price: $$



Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Red, Curly, Coarse

Eyes: Hazel

Ageing has one advantage in the beauty/cosmetics stakes: experience.

Why is it that the products which DO actually work have a plethora of pics from users demonstrating how much their eyelashes have grown, while there are rave reviews here & not a single 'before' & 'after' shot?

Experience has taught me that, if I'm trying a cosmetic which promises to deliver certain results, I always take a 'before' photo &, after the number of weeks specified to be able to see visible results, I take an 'after' pic. I promise you that, after having used it as directed twice a day religiously, after 3 months there wasn't an iota of lengthening or volumising of my lashes to be seen, which is why I'm not bothering with a 'before' & 'after' pic as they're exactly the same. I know that I get the same effect out of gently massaging a good cold-pressed oil (apricot kernel, jojoba, avocado or whatever I have at the time for the occasional extra moisturising I give my rough patches on my feet, calves or elbows).

When RapidLash came onto the market, I used it for around a year & can testify to the fact that it works (although I discontinued using it as it discoloured my lashline & I feel dubious about eye products that irritate the eye).

Reading the reviews here, I see that the positive reviews are mainly from young women (girls) who have been pulling at their eyelashes after extensions; take mascara off by vigorous washing & tugging; generally do things that will break & damage their eyelashes & generally do terrible things to the delicate skin around their eyes in the long term. I suggest that you all invest in a good eyemakeup remover & learn how to gently remove mascaras.

This product may give the illusion of having created thicker, healthier lashes when it is applied, but that doesn't mean that they are thicker & healthier. Try a clear mascara/gel: a guarantee that they'll look exactly the same. The only thing that Canmake Eyelash Essence might do is encourage you not to yank at your lashes, hence an improvement in the regrowth.

Remember that eyelashes fall out & regrow from scratch over an 8 week cycle. Nothing is going to have an instant effect. In about two weeks, all you will be able to see is a few of the new eyelashes growing back in thicker & longer. Anyone who claims to have seen an immediate difference just demonstrates the fact that we can fool ourselves into believing anything if we desperately want it to be true.

PROS: I like the doe-foot applicator. Other manufacturers of pretend eyelash miracle growth serums should start using this type of wand instead of the wiry brushes & click-to-squeeze packages that don't wet the brush until you get a fat, wasteful spurt of the product trickling off the bristles & dripping into your eye. It's inspired me to buy disposable sponge eyeshadow applicators for applying & distributing the castor oil I'm trying out now - much better than using an eyeliner brush to put the oil on with.

CONS: It's a con. Aside from having wasted money, I've wasted precious time applying this morning & night. I really needed yet another step in my cosmetic routine like a hole in the head! I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I was sucked into this.

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