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Package Quality: 4.2

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Package Quality: 4.2

Price: $$$



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A holy grail base coat for me. If I could only choose one for all time and eternity it would be this over any other Nailtek products and I love all that I have used.

I agree with the a lot of the reviews posted here. The product is a dull whitish grey in the bottle. It's the same cylindrical clear bottle with cylindrical white cap you may have seen from Nailtek and in the same white box with the little green and orange graphic. It does not have a roller ball. You do have to work the product around before using or it will become extremely gloppy in texture and you'll want to toss it.

I am on my second bottle and my first bottle became hardened and cracked on the sides up at the top when the product got under 1/2 (the marker for 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 are marked clearly on the bottle). I had to throw my first bottle away just a hair under the 1/4 mark.

With my second bottle I did not make this mistake but somewhere between a half and a quarter I started using product thinner, Seche Restore. Still have great results.

When the product is the right consistency it should be very light to swipe on your nail. Use one coat and it should be thick enough while being extremely fluffy. Go slow and make sure it's thin or it could bubble.

It will dry a little grey. I have never touched it voluntarily but recall it did feel a little rough. The explanations I read below of why it's designed to be a little rough make sense.

Ok, so when you use this, let it dry and then use your color. I have found that you should work your color over this as delicately as possible. It is possible to wet this product even after it has dried, and if so, it becomes slippery and not smooth. THis problem has only occured for me when too sharply touching down at a harsh angle at the half moon on a repeated basis. I try to use the three swipe method (one swipe down the center of the nail, one swipe toward the far edge, one swipe down the near edge of the nail) and do my best not to move the formula and dampen it.

The results I get are similar to everyone else's here. I feel my nails are hydrated. I feel the ridges are filled and smooth but the surface of the nails not prone to skidding and sliding nail polish. Also my tips seem to be whiter than many people I know who also do nails after posting nude nail pics. I do sometimes still get peels and sometimes I get cracking but I never get rips or tears anymore! This is the best benefit ever since I used to get a tear literally once a week before using anything.

I would recommend this to anyone. The thing I do that I should say is that I use Nailtek II Hydration Therapy under this product. Normally this is 80% of the time. I find that the Hydration Therapy goes really well with this product. Then I use 2 coats of color and a top coat--usually Seche Vite but sometimes Poshe. I do not get any tip shrinkage due to the strong top coats I use.

I have used one bottle every six months for the last year almost. I highly recommend this and won't be going without. If it gets discontinued I will be extremely.... irritated. So try it and if it sucks after using it for a month toss it in a swap as an extra and blame me.

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