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Package Quality: 3.1

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Package Quality: 3.1

Price: $$$


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First of all, what is it that those of you who say that the amusingly named Caca Noir had no effect whatsoever have been putting on your hair? Surely it cannot be this stuff! I hennad and then indigoed my dark golden blonde hair, hoping to achieve a rich, neither warm nor cool, chocolate brown . Result - very warm, gingery light to medium brown hair and me very pissed off. Bought some Caca Noir a few days later, whacked it on for 5 hours with low expectations and suffice it to say that my hair is now not only dark brown, but so dark it is virtually black, admittedly after an unfortunate 'settling in' 48 hour period of it being coal black with moss green tints under artificial light. But useless it certainly ain't.

Indigoing your hair is one of the most horrificially messy processes known to humanity. Henna is more unpleasant, because it solidifies without drying into a sort of toffee-like cement, and your neck aches like a bitch after 10 minutes, but it fastens itself to your hair and so doesn't tend to drip. Indigo on the other hand clumps and pills into evil clusters, little and large, that tumble all over you and your floors and your furniture and your family members. A fortnight later and the dead skin I scrub off my neck in the bath is still jeans blue, and I am still finding little dried pebbles of the bloody indigo all over my house. They're not lying when they admit that it stains everything, either. Since Caca Noir is mainly indigo, all this applies to it as well to the powdered indigo that I used prior to it.

I grated mine, which took forever but saved me from having to stir it for centuries. I'd heard that boiling water can ruin indigo, so used hot water from the tap. I've deduced that it's very important to achieve the recommended yoghurty consistency - if it's too thick, you'll miss big patches of your head and end up with spotty hair and embarrassment and people laughing at you. I've also deduced that it's vital to let the colour settle for a few days before you decide that it's a disaster. Mine was a fetching shade of dark green for the first 24 hours and jet black with algae-coloured highlights for the following 24. Less than a day later it was deep, dark brown and the highlights were red, presumably from my previous henna session.

It takes forever to rinse, you have been warned. My hair comes halfway down my arms, and 35 minutes after I begun the rinsing stage I was still standing hunched over with my head under the tap, pulling hunks out of my hair like a complete and utter twat. Even when you think it's all done and dusted, you will probably find the water is slightly tinted when you next wash your hair. And you'll need to be wearing clothes that you don't mind ruining forever, and you'll need to scrub the skin on your hairline, ears, neck and shoulders so hard that it nearly comes off. But it will in the end.

When my colour needs a top up, I'll definitely repurchase. The process itself was so messy and exhausting that I surely came within inches of death, but the end result was, is, worth it. I never believed the stories of henna products bettering the condition of hair but after a round of henna, a round of indigo and a round of Caca Noir, my hair is in better condition than it has been since I was 9 or 10 years old. Click continued for pictures.

Natural colour:

After henna and indigo, blowdried straight. It didn't look it in this picture, but it was still very light and gingery, only slightly darker than my natural colour.

After Caca Noir. In natural light it's a little less black and a little more brown. It's a lot darker than I wanted it but I'm getting used to it, slowly.

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