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Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$

Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$


Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Red, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Green

i use back2mac quite frequently. as soon as i bought an eyeshadow in pot form, i'd quickly depot it & save my empty. same with lipsticks; because i prefer to apply my lipsticks with a brush, the majority of mine have been scooped out of the tube & placed into a flip-top 5g jar. it works perfectly for me & i receive free goodies out of it.

the reason i lowered the score for a few things is this;

packaging quality: first, i'll say that never, ever have i had an issue with returning a pan-less eyeshadow pot. that is absurd & anyone experiencing these issues needs to contact MAC right away & let them know you are being limited. the pan doesn't even get recycled, so why these places are somehow requiring it is beyond me. i did once have an employee question what one of my jars was (it was a chromaline that i split up & swapped off) but other than that, i've never been questioned or refused. but the simple fact that all these counters/stores are having issues is just beyond me. having worked for mac for 6 months, i never heard from anyone that we were to refuse pots with missing pans. so if you are having this issue, i suggest emailing MAC customer service & either printing that email out or accessing it from your phone. they will tell you it is unacceptable for MAC employees to refuse your empties. so the next time you go in, you now have proof from MAC that they are to be accepting your empties, pan or no pan.

pricing; i labeled this as a 3. and it sort of goes in conjunction with my ranting on empties without pans. a pan eyeshadow from a MAC store is $10. a mac potted eyeshadow (and ALL LE eyeshadows) is $14. a mac lipstick is $14. so let's assume you purchased a new line of LE shadows, all in pots. you assume your empty is worth about $4, right? because that's the difference in price between a pan & a pot. you need 6 empties to redeem a free lipstick/lipglass/eyeshadow (depending on where you return them) 6 x $4 =$24. that's $10 more than these items originally cost. now, by NO MEANS am i saying this is a rip-off, because, yeah, MAC doesn't have to offer us free lipstick, etc. i love this program, but when you figure in the cost of it all, MAC is still making money, regardless of if you are receiving a free item or not.

overall rating: i marked as 4. like i said, i am not against this program & i use it often. but there seems to be a lot of hoops people go through when trying to redeem their product. myself, i've probably redeemed 30-40 lipsticks/eyeshadow/lipglass using this & i'm glad my empties are being recycled. if you are having issues bringing these in, or questions, i would suggest calling the MAC you are choosing to bring your empties to. that is the best way to receive the answer of what they do & do not accept, as every MAC seems to have different guidelines. but if you are having an issue with pan-less pots, then definitely get confirmation from MAC CS & bring that in next time you redeem empties.

either way. this is a program i will continue to use. i'm personally happy with it & haven't ever had an issue.

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