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Package Quality: 3.8

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 3.8

Price: $$$



Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Hazel

ABOUT MY SKIN: My skin in one word is temperamental. It has a life of itís own. In all the places that itís oily it also gets extremely dry. I also have quite a lot of acne, not cystic but ALWAYS there. My pimples, whiteheads and blackheads can happen over night and leave the next morning or they can be there for more than a week without me even touching them. Iím 16 and live in Melbourne, a city with weather even more temperamental than my skin.
ABOUT THE SYSTEM: After more than 6 months of religious use I have seen almost no improvement. Yes the product would mostly ďkeep it at bayĒ but nothing major ever happened. The texture or clarity of my skin or even the redness never dramatically or even a little changed.
The first days that I used it all the products were over drying. My skin started to peel and become super dry, I went back to Clinique and bought Moisture Surge Intense, which worked like a charm and I have no complaints with that (if you have dry skin itís a must).

CLEANSER: The cleanser felt good, tingly at first but I donít think that it really deep cleansed and I feel like there was not enough in the bottle. The other products went a few weeks longer than the cleanser and I only used the recommended 2-3 pumps an application. I like the fact that it was foam and not a gel that you would put on a light exfoliating pad.

LOTION: Not sure why this is called a lotion, I always thought that a lotion was like a thin liquid but anywhoo this was my favorite product from the line. Yes it has alcohol, which is usually a big no-no, but I think it can be beneficial when used only for a small period of time and not for extended regular time. My skin felt nice after this, dry and tight when I didnít moisturize though. It always got rid of dry, flaky skin and made me feel fresh.

MOISTURIZER: I think Clinique just called this a moisturizer to make it a system like the other 3 steps. This is more a treatment, even though it did nothing for me. This had absolutely no hydrating benefits. It had a nice texture and almost no scent for me, which is good considering that Clinique does not add fragrance. When used without another moisturizer it was drying. I also used Moisture Surge Intense after this and Advanced Night repair after the lotion. (I STILL DONíT UNDERSTAND WHY THIS DIDNíT WORK FOR ME. WHY LIFE WHY!?)

WEEK 1: Within a few days my skin starts peeling dry. I get MSI and it fixes right up. Hopeful.
MONTH 2: A little purge period and my skin got quite oily. It kind of goes away.
MONTH 4: This is where I am still hopeful of good things happening. Noticing more drying. Bought a 2nd set.
MONTH 6: Still do not have Kim Kardashianís skin. Also do not have skin with improvement. Stop using and look for other things.
MOTH 7: Clinique is now on my ďlistĒ

FINAL VERDICT: I donít know what the problem was that it didnít work on me.
I donít touch my face; I used all the products twice a day, I change my pillows twice a week, I donít use crappy makeup, I wash my hands and sanitize them before cleansing and such, I didnít use other products and I donít eat bad food either.
I sound crazy I know. This did nothing for me I used it for almost 7 moths and almost $240 AUD later my skin is no better. I sound like I never saw my skin before and trust me Iíve seen enough pictures to decide nothing much has happened. Iím deeply disappointed and really sad I thought I could trust Clinique ☹
P.S I stopped using the system for a week or so and started on the PTR samples I wanted to use and in that time I really noticed that Clinique kept it at bay. In that week I was getting a few cystic acne bumps.
I will now turn to Peter Thomas Roth for some solutions, still looking for my HGs *sigh*

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