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Package Quality: 3.8

Price: $$

Package Quality: 3.8

Price: $$



Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

Right, before I rant let me just say I have been dying my hair for years, about 25 to be exact; I have tried pretty much every brand you can get your hands on, salon exclusives included. I also took LíOreal colour courses when I worked in a salon, so I know about colour.

I bought this on a whim the other day, it was time to do my hair (after being ill for several months and not bothering with it) this was on promo for £4, now I donít normally buy Schwarzkopf myself, my daughter does and it works ok for her, so I thought I would give it a go.

Currently my hair is med blonde roots and slightly lighter lengths and ends, not bleached into oblivion, but light blonde none the less.
I have had beige hair (yes all the rage now apparently) long before it was "in", and thought I would try it again as it's been a while since I tried it. The colour that I bought is 940 Beige Blonde.

Now per another reviewer there was comment about the smell, well the mask itself (pre dye) is lightly floral, albeit plasticy, but not totally unpleasant. Once you add the dye it does change, but I still didnít think it was too bad, maybe this would vary depending on the shade you used, i.e. the pigments in the darker ones may make that a more unpleasant smell, IDK. I gave this a good shake and the toner colour that they have added to this is grey/green, so the dye will be odd once mixed.
I went ahead and used my brush (for dye) instead of my fingers, but I guess if you are not used to dying the finger method and the fact that this wont drip may be easy for some, and less cumbersome to apply, so thumbs up on that.
I did the root method, tested and timed accordingly. Now the sting, yes it DOES! I was totally shocked by this as I have only ever had that issue when dying my hair completely platinum white, literally no other dye I have used does this, so this was an upleasant surprise. And the stinging didnt go away untill I had washed the dye off.
When it came time to wash out the dye, it didnít lather very well, I live in a hard water area, but I still donít have too much of an issue with other boxed dyes lathering. I rinsed and what I was left with was crispy dried hair, now Iíve been here before and once the conditioner was added and rinsed, it sorted that right out and I didnít see any adverse effects, HOWEVER, the conditioner with this was is very basic, it barely conditioned my hair and left it feeling still rather dry after rinsing.
The colour.............OMFG. NOT beige blonde at all. The roots, and not just my roots but about halfway down my lengths was brassy reddish blonde, the ends were beige, but definitely on the grey side. My hair was still quite dry looking.
I decided to leave it overnight and rewash the next day to see what happened, well when I did it lightened the ends, and they were more beige I suppose (nothing like the lovely Nice & Easy Beige Blonde though) but the root & length just got brassier. When I looked in natural light I may as well have dyed my hair light auburn :(
Also I noticed about an hour later I had some spots coming up in my scalp and around my hairline, not small but very large cysts, since i am writing this a few days later, they are still there, smaller but still red and bumpy, it's possible that the "correction" I had to do to my hair (see below) exacerbated the issue, but I dont get this problem from other dyes, so I'm unimpressed to say the least, and very disappointed in this dye!
I have now had to re-do my hair, streaked with platinum to lift it, and apply toner and purple shampoos to correct the roots, and do two intensive masks to correct the dried ends, including a small trim :(
Save your money ladies, after the promo this stuff is going up to £7. You are better off with Nice&Easy, or the dreaded L'oreal (their reformulated colours are much better now) or Sally's for the good stuff.The only thing I am glad about is that when I applied the platinum colour to lift it, it came up quickly to light blonde, so at least if you must correct it, it wont be an impossible feat.

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