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Package Quality: 3.5

Price: $$

Package Quality: 3.5

Price: $$


Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I literally prayed to be guided to the right product lol! PART1 IS THE OLDER REVIEW. PLEASE READ PART 2 DOWN BELOW!!! :)

PART 1---------------------------------------

I never wanted to wear another foundation again. I started looking for tinted moisturisers/bb creams in Central London anddd i picked this Loreal one. i tried it my first time today. One thing i noticed was that MOST people have given it bad reviews!! :O

**Good Points**:
1. the whole white beady cream which changes to colour once applied is really cool!
2. i like the packaging!
3. My mum REALLY liked it on me, she said it looks 'natural'.. shes always hated my other foundation colours that were too dark... this must be good!
4. It feels amazing, especially when you touch your skin.. its as if you have nothing on your face =D
5. Definately has the 'perfect nude look' that it claims

**Bad Points**:
1. If you look SUPER close, i think you can tell your wearing something. Thats why i love to moisturise with Olive Oil first, it gives it the TRUE dewy glow and eliminates any cakiness.
2. The �9.99 price for a 30ml tube is not that great LOL
3. It looks like the undertones of this is more PINKY and not YELLOW/ if you got warm understones/skin like me... find something with those kinda undertones ;D
4. everybody's been saying that its not like the original asian bb creams... you'd rather get them than this.....

- Basically, the clearer your skin is, the better this will look on you. Especially for pink-undertone people.. [ people with super light skin ] But i guess it can still work on others :)
- If its your face isntt that clear, if you got spots/spot marks etc, you'll need a good concealer to cover them after you use this, which isnt really a problem!!
- DONT get it if 90% of your face is COVERED with spots and spot marks lol.... there will be no point as the coverage is not high to cover them up. If your skin is clearing up OR more on the clear side... you can try this out. ITS PERFECT FOR GIRLS WHO ARE SICK OF USING FOUNDATION EVERYDAY [like me] AND WANT TO USE THE LIGHTER TINTED CREAMS INSTEAD.

Maybe i wont get this product again.... not sure yet.....ive only worn it for a few hours! but ill probably look for a YELLOW undertoned bbcream when it finishes :D i dont know guys.....there must be a better one out there :D but im happy to try this loreal one and see how it works with meeee lol atleast untill it finishes :P <3


Ive realised that, when i first put it appears too pink-undertoned, a tiny bit cakey [it dries up in the middle of my forehead] and if you got alotta marks/redness/spots, ur gona spend some times concealing.

BUT....after a little while.... it blends in MORE with my face..looks 100% natural =D.. my MUM says its perfect...and it begins to look fresh and dewy!!!!!!!!.... WHEN YOU GIVE IT TIME..IT WORKS =] it takes a lil while to adapt to your skin i think. i just want a more YELLOW toned one =D :)

PART 2---------------------------------------

So when i kept using the old bb cream (& bought a second)... it seems to have changed!! either they changed the ingredients, OR i became 'used' to seeing a lighter coverage & true to skin colour...

** WHAT I THINK ABOUT IT NOW ** end of summer 2012-2013

1. its not pinky/grey undertoned anymore! :D its COOL toned! which means its suitable for yellow/orange undertones.
2. in fact, its more orange. but i got it in the shade medium, its good for me.
3. EXTREEEEMELY LIGHT & HYDRATING :D looks perfect! no cakiness or dry flakes (as long as u have no dry spots, or have used moisturizer)

its good now! wasnt before! i love everythin about it!

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