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Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$

Package Quality: 4.4

Price: $$$$


Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Tan, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Let's start off with a description:

I am half European/ half Indian so my skintone is light brown (winter) to medium brown (summer) with a yellow undertone. My lips are quite pigmented, which can be a problem with lipsticks. I used to have very dry lips, which looked horrible with lipstick on.

I came across Dior Serum de Rouge while shopping with my mother. We both like Dior a lot, and there happened to be a Dior make-up artist present at that time due to a promotion.

She picked out #880 plum serum and started to apply it. I immediately felt the buttery soft creamy texture which made my lips very moisturized. When she showed me the result in the mirror I was at awe how great it looked! It has a nice shine, but not over the top or glittery so still sophisticated.

This colour really complements skin with a yellow undertone!

And the best of all: I didn't even scrub my lips to remove flakies or put on a lipbalm first, but my lips were just perfect and smooth!

This lipstick immediately became my favourite one! I used it almost everyday during winter, the worst period for dry, cracking lips, but once I applied it, you couldn't see anything of the sort!

I don't seem to have a problem with the 'clicking' packaging like other reviewers. You will never overextend the stick with the risk of causing it to break. I dont have a problem putting the cap on, I never scrape excess product, since you can control how far the stick is extended.

There are a few downsides though:
First of all, the price! I was expecting it to be expensive while standing at the check out counter, since I am used to buying products from Dior, but my my.. I was quite startled when she showed me the price. But I must say it is totally worth it! Yes, 2g seems very little, but it really goes a long way, because of the buttery/ creamy texture, you don't need a lot. I've been using it everyday during winter, and still am using it now and I guess I have still a long way to go.

This leads to another downside: I like the clicking system, BUT you can't tell how much product you have left. I find that rather annoying, cause I liked to know exactly the current state of my make-up stash.

Another downside of the packaging as mentioned by another MUA review, you can only see the number at the bottom of the stick, not the colour. The testers in the store have coloured caps, so you can immediately see what colour it is. Since I have 2, I also purchased #870 Ruby serum (which is actually a beautiful bright bright red toned pink), it is almost impossible to see the difference. I actually kept the silver Dior sticker on the #870 so I can see what colour it is by the blink of an eye.

Something that can be a con, but is just a matter of appling it well: because of the buttery texture, you really have to watch smudging it with your fingers, or rubbing some on your face while blowing your nose (charming haha). The colours I have are quite dark/bright so it stains quite easily. Nothin a bit of good ol' rubbing and some compact powder can't fix, but you just have to check it once in a while.

The lipstick doesn't last very long, I have to apply multiple times during the day, but I really don't mind that at all. It doesn't dissapear completely though, it leaves a hint of colour on my lips which looks rather nice.

Also, since I have been using this I really don't have dry lips anymore! I am able to use other lipsticks now, like it worked like some kind of liptreatment!

What I do love about the packaging? Well, it is just stunning, love the slim packaging, and it is rather heavy > like the feel when holding it.
It gives a very luxurious feeling when applying this lipstick. Plus, I can easily work with the slanted tip which makes sure your lipstick always is at the perfect angle for application, unlike 'normal' lipsticks which tend to to lose the tip and become round after using it for a while.

I will be looking for some more colours! The colours I have are great for pigmented lips and a yellow skin undertone. Not all the colours suit me, the lighter ones are a bit boring for me. I also feel that some colours differ very little, and I don't like to buy nearly identical colours.

To sum it all up:
- Great colour and texture for pigmented lips
- Moisturizes and has a nice shiny/ creamy finish
- Application: love the slanted tip and the texture makes sure it just glides on easily
- The packaging looks absolutely gorgeous, and has a nice heavy hold.
- The clicking system prevents you from overextending the stick to prevent any damage.
- GREAT for dry lips. Even in icy cold weather when your lips consist of cracks and flakies and you feel they can just fall of: you don't need to scrub or use balm, it makes your lips look smooth and moisturized,and works as a liptreatment in the long term.
- Last quite a long time if you take in consideration everyday use with multiple touch ups during the day
- A few great colours for us yellow undertone gals!

- The price, EXPENSIVE!
- You can't see how much product is left
- Due to the texture it has a tendency to stain/ smudge if you are not careful
- You can't easily tell which colour it is if you own more colours, since it is lacking a coloured cap/ bottom.
- Not longlasting, need to reapply multiple times a day
- Little difference among some colours

I really love this product and would definitely repurchase! I will just close my eyes for a sec while she scans it at the register $$$..

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